Tip for parents of children with strong Taurus placements Instead of rushing them, be more patient. Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

In my family, there were a few of us with very strong Taurus energy, and we’re all kind of slow. Slow readers, slow runners, slow learners, slow to change, and slow to grow up. All of us got where we were going and are quite successful.

Talking to my brother, who has a Taurus stellium, we’ve concluded that a lot of our childhood and teenage frustrations came from our parents hurrying us to do things we weren’t ready to yet and comparing us to our peers. It’s okay to be slow and take your time as a child and adolescent. Worrying and rushing will only cause frustration. Go with the flow and smell the flowers 🙂

Also, it’s the Scorpio kid that you should keep an eye on, just saying.

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