To all my Earth Rising and Sun Signs…how are you doing

As a Virgo Rising, I have actually been more introspective and spiritual over the last couple of months. I began a meditation practice and been practicing awareness in my life. I feel that the more I withstand this change the more Saturn punishes me with scenarios or situations that requires me to believe and go back. I actually do not feel the favorable effects of Jupiter in my 5th home of fun and creative self expression yet. However, with all these heavy transits I feel that the universe is up to something.

As the title states, I am checking in to all my fellow Earth (Virgo, Taurus and Cap) Rising or Sun in Earth Signs how y all doing? I know that with the stellium transits taking place in Capricorn making a trine to Virgo and Taurus ASC or Sun which I think for the most part should be practical? How is it manifesting for you in 2020? To all my Cap Rising or Cap Sun – are you feeling the energy of transformation?

How are you?:-RRB- thanks for sharing!

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