To go with this Full Moon eclipse… Call on AA HANIELAA Haniel the Angel of Grace AA Haniel is …

Invoke AA Haniel for help. She will direct you from what to use, to how to comport yourself.
Conjure Up AA Gabriel for communication and AA Michael for extra support and defense … voila:-RRB- AA Haniel will likewise help with conception. This might be a job or a child.

To go with this Moon eclipse … Get in touch with

AA Haniel carries a light blue light.
If you need additional “spunk” or to discover your inner Goddess (femininity) possibly it is time to wear something “child” blue:-RRB-.

AA Haniel the Angel of Grace
AA Haniel is considerably connected to the moon (I see her sitting on the moon … smile).
Lost your inner grace?
Do you require to “land” that job or task?

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