TODAY HOROSCOPE 12TH JULY 2019.Aries – No matter how stressed you feel, avoid vices as they are on…


Aries – No matter how stressed you feel, avoid vices as they are only causing you further harm. Research the problem that is on your mind – you may mind some fresh insights. The guilt arising out of lies and secrets will interfere with peace at home so come clean. You feel like you can read minds right now. Use that feeling to connect positively with others. Legal concerns and paperwork take center stage. The time is ripe to enter an alliance or bond. Meet hardships head on and victory is imminent. Even if you are behind, a sustained sense of confidence and self-control will give you an edge that results in triumph.

Taurus – If you are not married, now might be the time to pop the question! Pressing decisions hang in the balance now. Ask your elders for their input. Look over contracts closely as you initiate new business plans. There is an ideal moment for sales or trade. Make time to have a convey your deep sense of emotion with your significant other. You’re passionate, about both personal and professional relationships. Choose wisely as your actions now will have a lasting impact, perhaps even legal or carrying over to other conversations. Everything you do today will have a bigger impact than you intend for it to have.

Gemini – Relatives, perhaps an uncle, or neighbours will play a role right now. Hard work and dedication will help on the job, where you may find yourself surrounded by competition. Take care of your health and remain focused to avoid costly accidents. To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money — and that is sincerity and integrity. Today you will demonstrate the true depth of your character. Draw on your inner strength and you will produce stunning results. You will feel drawn to serving others, showing your selfless nature. Avoid overdoing things and spend some time on yourself too.

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