Today I pulled the beautiful EmpressWhen we see the Empress, we think of the divine feminine, in…

Today I pulled the gorgeous Empress
When we see the Empress, we consider the divine womanly, in all its extensive shapes, and how that associates with ourselves, nevertheless we recognize.
The Empress reveals us how to get, in the broadest methods possible, from each other, from nature, through our senses and our hearts, and likewise from ourselves.
To totally get ourselves as we were developed, is a tough idea for much of us, but its one of the profound and far reaching invitations of the Empress ❤.
The developers of the Autonomic Tarot have this to state about the card, a powerful expression of what the Empress welcomes us to recover … ❤.
” To be scared of Life, is to be scared of Yourself”.
There is SO much in that!

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