Today I want to speak a little bit more about the theme that I spoke of yesterday and how love rela…

Today I want to speak a little bit more about the style that I spoke of the other day and how love/ relationship style is displayed in a persons chart. The majority of astrologers take a look at Venus and also Mars to be able to inform a lot about how someone is and what their requirements are in a relationship. You likewise take a look at the moon to see the inmost intrinsic psychological requirements of the person. Something that I do that is different than a lot of astrologers is that I look at the asteroid “Juno.” I have actually constantly felt a connection with this asteroid and I even named my pet Juno years back. It is synchronistic that I use this a lot in my readings to tell what somebodys inmost requirements are. For instance, I know someone who has their Mars and Venus in Aquarius, but this simply does not do an excellent task of describing their whole scenario. They are a lot more emotionally intense and clearly require somebody who can match that/understand that part of them. Aquarius certainly isnt the indication for this as it can be quite emotionally removed. When looking at this individuals Juno placement, we see it is put in the 4th home in Scorpio. This would speak specifically to this need for someone who is deep and understanding of the unconscious underpinnings and who can put up with their cycling moods. How would this have ever been seen if Juno wasnt looked at? I understand that lots of astrologist have their own method of taking a look at this part of life however I feel that leaving Juno out of the formula results in a lot of missed insight! #astrology #zodiac #horoscope #moon #sagittarius #leo #scorpio #capricorn #virgo #cancer #libra #aries #taurus #pisces #gemini #aquarius #spirituality #psychic #zodiacsigns #universe #astrologer #astrologia #astro #horoscopes #stars #awakening #karma #astronomy #pisces #cancerzodiac

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