Today is 02022020 which is a palindrome no matter what part of the world youre in and the order of which you write the date.

No matter how you write today’s date, it’s a palindrome.

Month, date, year: 02/02/2020
Date, month, year: 02/02/2020
Year, month, date: 2020/02/02

You get the idea. This abundance of twos and zeros makes Feb. 2, 2020 the first international palindrome day in 909 years (since 11/11/1111), and it won’t happen again for another 101 years (12/12/2121) on the Gregorian calendar.

Of course, 909 and 101 are both palindromes too.

If that wasn’t enough for you nerds, it’s also the 33rd day of 2020 with 333 days to go. 

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