Today is 02022020 which is a palindrome no matter what part of the world youre in and the order of which you write the date.

Month, date, year: 02/02/2020
Date, month, year: 02/02/2020
Year, month, date: 2020/02/02

If that wasnt enough for you nerds, its also the 33rd day of 2020 with 333 days to go..

No matter how you write todays date, its a palindrome.

You understand. This abundance of nos and 2s makes Feb. 2, 2020 the very first global palindrome day in 909 years (given that 11/11/1111), and it wont happen again for another 101 years (12/12/2121) on the Gregorian calendar.

Naturally, 909 and 101 are both palindromes too.

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