Today, the Moon enters Scorpio at 120 PM Eastern time. Its moved out of lovely, Venusian Libra and…

Today, the Moon enters Scorpio at 1:20 PM Eastern time. Its vacated lovely, Venusian Libra and is going into the Mars-ruled sign of its fall, so the ambiance modifications from congenial and romantic to something that feels more deep, intense, and deceptive. This isnt the very best for opening up about your sensations to others, unless you currently share a close, intimate bond with them. Not intimate in the sexual sense, per se, however intimate in the method that youve been extremely close with them for a long time and you feel as if you completely trust them and have a solid relationship. Regardless of Scorpio being an emotional water sign, its actually the sign the Moon dislikes to be in the least. Youre investigative, perhaps even paranoid or obsessive, and its not necessarily the most conducive time for having casual interactions with other individuals. I have a Scorpio Moon, so if youre feeling overwhelmed by this transit, simply picture how worn out we are. Just envision how exhausted we are of it.

Mercury guidelines interaction, and given that a sextile is a favorable aspect, you can use this energy + the intimate Scorpio Moons vibes to open up to someone you really trust about something serious. If you desire to open up about these problems, do it with a therapist, a close good friend, or someone you trust and understand will not be judgmental towards you, and today you can have an exceptionally recovery experience with another person … #astrology #horoscope #sunsign #sun #moon #moonsign #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces #dailyhoroscope #instastrology #astrologyfacts #astrologymemes #astrologyreadings #retrograde #space #memes #astrology 101 #zodiac

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