Todays daily reading for Wednesday July 31st, 2019 suggests we use sound judgement when it comes to…

Today’s daily reading for Wednesday July 31st, 2019 suggests we use sound judgement when it comes to money and action. We may feel very independent and abundant at this time as well, which feels very good. However, there is a short waiting period here before moving forward on any plans. Today’s universal number is 7+31+2019= 14= 5. The number 5 represents organizations, stability and expertise. May we consult our inner expert today via meditation, contemplation and or prayer for guidance. Some of us may feel tempted to disregard our inner expert’s advice and charge ahead swiftly without thinking. In a mercury retrograde, any action taken with very little thought or planning doesn’t often bode well. May we use our inner strength at this time to wait for clarity and assurance before taking action. Hopefully things become more clear by Friday when mercury goes direct again. We’re so close we can taste it, right?! Your personal number for the reading is 9+4+3= 16= 7. The number 7 represents our inner wisdom, angelic protection and divine guidance. The number 7 here today definitely reinforces listening to our intuition and guidance and following it at the perfect time. Can we stand to ponder things just a little longer?? I hope so, because fixing mistakes or making decisions we may regret later may take more of our time and attention than we want. We have the opportunity here to prevent some frustration later down the road. This Leo energy makes us feel restless and wanting to take action I know, but the cards say differently my friends. May we heed Spirit’s advice here and wait a couple more days 😘😘 Lots of love and many blessings!! #loveyou #wait #meditation #inner #guidance #expert #advice #dailyreading #numerology #riderwaite #tarot

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