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đŸ”½â—€Triangle Spread created by Annie Lionnetâ–¶đŸ”¼ . đŸ”¼Where do I currently stand on my spiritual path?đŸ”½ . â–¶Central card: Ace of Cups. The current focus on my spiritual path is to create an abundance of happiness and positivity and give my soul an emotional cleanse. Share that abundance of positivity with others. . â–¶Present position: The Devil and Knight of Pentacles. Having to diligently work on my physical self and the material plane to break free from what is holding me back, both physically and spiritually. . â–¶Immediate future: Ten of Wands and The Fool. I will have to release my excessive obligations in order to create the fresh start I'm looking for and be able to set out with confidence on the journey ahead. . â–¶Long-term future: Seven of Cups and The Hermit. I will need to recluse myself for some soul searching and determine what with emotionally and spiritually fulfil me the most. Guide other lost souls along their paths and offer my stories, learned wisdom and insights.