TUESDAY JULY 23, 2019 AstroWeatherMoodA day of movement inspiration. Get creative go outside….

TUESDAY JULY 23, 2019 #AstroWeatherMood

A day of movement & inspiration. Get creative & go outside.

The athletic Aries moon forms an amazing Grand Fire Trine with her ruler Mars in Leo & Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius. With the newly ingressed Sun in Leo also co-present in all of this fiery beauty. This configuration is auspicious for creating, movement, travel and action. It’s like getting dowsed with confidence and courage juice. It’s exciting and celebratory. Take advantage of this day for doing the thing that you’re normally scared to do. Take some risks.

Later on however, Saturn rains on this warm parade with his icy cold gaze. The Moon squares the planet of responsibility, the tail of the dragon & just after midnight also squares the god of the underworld Pluto. A touch intense and perhaps adding restraint for today’s potential fireworks.

A mixed bag day but that grand fire trine is sweet & the Sun is in Leo. Let optimism wash over you. Find reasons to celebrate today. 🌹 #charmastrology 📸: @tinygentleasians

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