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Tuesday sees The Tower & the Eight of Swords coming out this morning. Expect the unexpected today is something to keep in the back of your mind today as plans may very well get thrown right out the window. There is very much when shit hits the fan feel to these cards, but it really is going to come down to how you deal with it on a mental level that will see how your day pans out. Don’t allow negativity to creep in making you feel like you have no way out of a certain situation. When we resist change sometimes the universe will bring it in suddenly with one big blast forcing you to make the necessary changes for your ultimate highest good. Sometimes you just have to make the best out of a bad situation is what I’m getting instead of getting into that victim mentality. Even if today turns out to be one of those days you’d most likely forget, tomorrow will be a new day so just deal with today and whatever comes your way the best you can. Hope you all have a great day. If you would like a personal reading please DM me for availability and pricing. If you ❤️ my daily posts & would like to make an appreciation donation you can via PayPal with my email All are appreciated & help towards me being able to do this daily & give back in return. #mishysintuitivetarot #mishysmysticemporium #mishy #tarot #intuition #tarotcards #intuitive #tarotdaily #intuitivereading #dailytarot #tuesday #tarotresder #guidance #newcastle #psychic #suddenchange #mentalhealth #mindset #changes #universe #outofyourcontrol #whenshithitsthefan