twinflame New Moon in Virgo Energy Check-In 30 August 2019 not wave specific NB Take…

#twinflame New Moon in Virgo Energy Check-In (30 August 2019) ⠀

not wave specific ⠀

NB: Take what resonates, leave what doesnt! ⠀

☀ #divinemasculine: ⠀
This New Moon is causing recovery for the DMs. It has been a rough journey and the DMs are now going through recovery. The DMs are coming into balance and are beginning to feel satisfaction in their relationships and profession. ⠀

I believe there will be changes occurring not simply internally however the DMs may be making modifications both in terms of relationships and profession. ⠀

The challenge here and now is that they are in their heads a lot– a lot of wishful thinking. ⠀

#divinefeminine: ⠀
If youre traveling this New Moon, DFs, you will be enjoying yourself. Otherwise, I notice there might be a relocation somewhere or you are gradually getting to where you desire to go, and slowly getting to achieving your objectives! ⠀

They are no longer staring at the clock and waiting for their DMs to appear (if youre not here already, it appears like you will be post New Moon). ⠀

Whats challenging them? A little bit of emotional turmoil is taking place for the DFs, theyre not feeling mentally stable right now. I seem like some of you might be a little sneaky this New Moon in regards to controling your DMs, its time to cut that out as thats not healthy. ⠀

messages from Spirit: ⠀

This is the time to let go this New Moon. ⠀

To the DF: Youve planted the seeds for this union, its time for you to kick back and support it– enable it to grow. And itll require time so youll need to be * sigh * patient. ⠀

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