twinflame New Moon in Virgo Energy Check-In 30 August 2019 not wave specific NB Take…

#twinflame New Moon in Virgo Energy Check-In (30 August 2019) ⠀

🌊 not wave specific 🌊 ⠀

NB: Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t! ⠀

☀️ #divinemasculine: ⠀
This New Moon is bringing about healing for the DMs. It has been a rough journey and the DMs are now going through healing. The DMs are coming into balance and are starting to feel contentment in their relationships and career. ⠀

What’s blessing them? The ending of a cycle brings about transformations for the DMs. I think there will be changes happening not just internally but the DMs may be making changes both in terms of relationships and career. ⠀

What’s challenging them? The challenge here and now is that they are in their heads a lot—a lot of wishful thinking. There might be too much focus on their dream world and no hard work being put in. ⠀

🌙 #divinefeminine: ⠀
If you’re traveling this New Moon, DFs, you will be enjoying yourself. Otherwise, I sense there might be a move somewhere or you are slowly getting to where you want to go, and slowly getting to achieving your goals! ⠀

What’s blessing them? They are no longer staring at the clock and waiting for their DMs to appear (if you’re not here already, it seems like you will be post New Moon). It seems like they know that those ships are coming in and they’re not longer worried or anxious about it anymore. ⠀

What’s challenging them? A little bit of emotional upheaval is happening for the DFs, they’re not feeling emotionally stable just yet. I feel like some of you might be a little devious this New Moon in terms of manipulating your DMs, it’s time to cut that out as that’s not healthy. ⠀

💕 messages from Spirit: ⠀

☀️ To the DM: Time to let go, DMs. You may be holding onto things that no longer serve you, relationships that are blocking you from attaining your goals. This is the time to let go this New Moon. ⠀

🌙 To the DF: You’ve planted the seeds for this union, it’s time for you to sit back and nurture it—allow it to grow. And it’ll take time so you’ll have to be *sigh* patient. ⠀

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