two days until the F U L L M O O N are you ready since the full moon is all about releasing what…

two days till the F U L M O N are you prepared?! considering that the complete moon is all about releasing what no longer serves us, im going to share a basic ritual workout for all you fellow witches to experiment with on the 15th! ✨
1. start out by creating a comfortable area: burn sage or palo santo to clean the space and rid it of any negative energy.
2. set warm lighting such as candles or a Himalayan salt light.
3. keep your preferred crystals nearby.
4. write a list of routines, relationships, etc that are no longer serving you on different slips of paper.
5. bring your list outside; take a moment to bask in the moons light.
6. burn the slips of paper one by one, reading every one out loud as you burn them – BE CAREFUL!!.
7. for supreme efficiency, state the words “be gone” when you are finished burning whatever you wish to release. also be sure to thank the moon & & universe when the ritual is ended up.
8. head back inside for a few minutes of meditation with your healing crystals take this time to set brand-new intents and goals you want to attain in the future #blog #blogger #fullmoon #newmoon #selfcare #astrologysigns #astrologylover #tarot #tarottribe #vancouver #vancity #crystals #crystalhealing #positivevibes #fullmoonritual #spirituality #spiritualhealing.


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