Understanding 55

I figure this is because while 22 and 33 are evident and i trust them, I see 55 and understand the message but keep pretending it does not mean what it suggests. One of the obvious elements of 55 is releasing the past and preparing yourself for something else remarkable thats right around the corner. I keep refusing to believe I require to let go of particular things.

I feel I need to fully accept 55 and let go of my past. Im going to, when and for all, release myself from the destinations of past desires and completely welcome whats coming next.

Ive been seeing a lot of double numbers lately but 55 is absolutely the most common, that along with 22 and 33 but 55 much more typically.

Ive release them in the past and when I do I feel remarkable and complimentary. Nevertheless, these things seem to challenge me and bring me back into wanting pieces of the past.

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