Venus, has moved into sidereal Scorpio , until 1120. Scorpio being the fixed water sign, rules …

The sun also “falls” in libra so beware of falling into any circumstances that will not benefit you in the long run- If you are single lady, now it is the ideal time to test a male by seeing if you are able to totally consume him meaning, if he can not control his desire for you, then he is weak and not strong enough to enter your castle (aka womb/vagina – as in have sex with you) However if you make him virile, aka he starts to reveal strength and supremacy blended with sexual excitement yet polite restraint when you CONSTANTLY turn him down by not reciprocating any of his advances, he is a worthwhile accompaniment because he is able to broaden your universe with his light, instead of being completely taken in by the darkness of your yoni and therefore being a victim of your devastating power. ⠀. ⠀.

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