Venus RX and Lilith ft. Doja Cat and Lana Del Rey

These two women have been in the news lately for questionable behavior on social media, both with allegedly racist undertones. I’ll leave the judgement and the specific goings on up to you readers, but the general taste these women have left in the public’s (and their fan’s) mouths has been sour. To say the least.

Because this is all playing out in GRAND, FLAGRANT form, I was like “huh. wonder what Venus RX is doing to them.” Also–the changing of the nodes. These are some dramatic cosmic changes that can flip the script. Two women, adored, one breaking records–and now their reputations are in jeopardy.

I also rarely work with Lilith, but coming fresh out of a lecture about sex in the natal chart, I’m easing into incorporating it into my work. And both of these women have Lilith playing out prominently here.

For female music artists, no doubt Venus plays a heavy role, just archetypally. But these women specifically have strong Venus. **Lana has her Venus on an angle in the 7th in Taurus, directly opposite her ASC and conj NN and Lilith. And Doja is a Libra Sun and NN.** The latter does not have a birth time, so I did a noon chart for her. The former has a chart rated A.

Are these strong Venusian women unwitting victims of Venus RX?

**Lana** with NN conj Venus conj. Lilith in a Venus-ruled sign, playing out in the house of others makes a strong case for a woman whose sexual prowess, art, and carnal musings are RIPE for public consumption and opinion. In one IG post she lamented “when FKA Twigs gets on the pole it’s art, when I do it, I’m a whore.” Paraphrasing. Lana, in brief, has become fed up with her own sexual image being disparaged while the sexual images and creations of other women are being praised. With Lilith, this will be a constant issue. Madonna vs. Virgin Mary, whore vs. nun. Other strong Lilith celebs are Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian–both women whose sexuality hits a nerve in the zeitgeist and seem to transcend what is viewed as ok or normal. Lilith triggers. That’s her job.

**Venus RX i**s in Lana’s 8th house, opposite her natal Uranus in Sag. Mercury is also currently in Gemini with the same opposition. The suddenness of her message is apparent in this transit. Her call for over an overhaul of her image is very Uranus, wanting to break free and forge a new path. Stunningly, and finishing out the theme, transit Uranus is in her 7th house, moving towards a conj. with her Lilith, Venus and NN. Venus RX in the 8th can call for a deeper reexamination of our sexual lives, our intimate places, and for Lana, how she is “embodied” by being in love, even if the relationship explores darker themes of abuse, imperfection and submissiveness. Gemini the messenger as her 8th gives her messages a sordid, deep, and here, sexual sort of tint. But playing out in aversion to her Scorpio ASC, it is not always in the best interest of how she is seen and perceived. AKA damage control. But the NN traveling through this house will compel Lana into an air of independence and forward-facing deep diving around these issues.

**Doja’s** foibles, though not identical, also harp on issues of sexuality and race. Though less reliable in a way, her **Unknown Time/Noon** chart has similarly compelling themes. First, Doja has natal Jupiter in Sag. That her ascent into stardom after years on the hustle coincided with Jupiter’s foray into Sag last year is no coincidence: Jupiter Return. Cardi B and Meg Thee Stally had it too. Doja has natal Lilith in Gemini, which makes sense given she explores her sexuality online (has a song appropriately called Cyber Sex) in chat rooms, completely running through every social media platform that is available to her. It helped her connect to her fans, but has now also led to her downfall–as her overtly sexual and allegedly racist behavior in these rooms has caused her star to dwindle. Her Lilith squares her Saturn, bringing in themes around father and patriarchy–though not our place to speculate, her father (south African movie star) was not in her life, leading some to draw the conclusion that her oddly sexual internet behavior was due to an absentee daddy.

You guessed it, **RX Venus is conjunct her natal Lilith**, coinciding with this theme of reversal around previously habitual (Gemini) sexual behaviors, and a fall from grace on the internet (Gemini). Also, and exhibitionist nature with her sexuality, her body, and beauty.

With her Noon Chart, Doja is a Sag Rising, making Gemini her 7th. Like Lana, her 7th house Lilith and the Venus RX action in Gemini causing the public to cast their stones, appropriately or not. Sag ASC places Doja’s Libra in the 11th, which is persuasive, given her complete charm and genius when it comes to exploiting all internet platforms for visibility. **A Sag ASC** is also curiously, if not sadly, appropriate here given that the **SOUTH NODE** is now there conjunct her ASC. A serious cycle of reckoning with how you come off to the world, learning to rein in unwise independence/selfishness, and truly coming to learn how to consider the other, and who you let into your orbit. It’s also a time of maturation around 7th house pursuits like management and PR, the people responsible for Doja’s image and allegedly the pen behind her recent apology.

**Doja** also has a baby Mars at 0 of Sag (doing THE most), with this parade of Gemini transits all having completed an opposition with it, engendering a time of strife, battles, reflecting on your behavior, and standing up for yourself. And with a debilitated Venus in Scorpio ruled by this Mars and hiding out in her 12th, the battles of Venus–art, culture, sex, fame–are part in parcel for her particular brand of war.

Best of luck to both women. Humans gonna human.

Thanks for reading.

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