Very Active First Quarter Moon in Scorpio – An Article

Hello, hello! Mai here with a little astrology update! We’re having a First Quarter Moon today, which highlights what your challenges will be when manifesting your New Moon in Leo goals. This is the first hurdle we’ll see and the first step towards realizing the potential of this cycle! This moon is also making many different aspects, so this will be an interesting day!

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With this **First Quarter Moon in Scorpio**, the first set of challenges to test your willpower come forth. How much do you truly desire the fruits of your labors, the produce from the seeds planted during the **New Moon in Leo**? Temptation awaits. Will you fall and follow The Devil card, or will you avoid these disasters and allow your foundations and mindsets to shift?

This is definitely a time for building energy, tackling your first obstacles and readjusting just what it is that you are trying to manifest into your life. Are you thinking too narrowly? Do you need to broaden your horizons or expand your perception of what is possible? Recognize your obstacles and open up your intuition – the solutions are about to pour in.

Sometimes we just need to close our eyes and allow the answers to flow in through our subconscious and intuition.

Do you feel the energy ramping up today? Are you facing any new and unforeseen challenges in regards to your New Moon in Leo goals? Let me know in the comments down below!

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