Virgo Season 23 August to 22 September – Manifesting the perfection

Virgo season rides the duality & period of change between two seasons but only to be open to two sides of the argument to get it right versus liking to swing from one extreme to another. Mutability of this season helps you improve what you started with a gusto in Leo season embellish it with beauty of reality & material goddess meaning it has got to mean something useful to you versus just the call of your heart. It processes your impulses & makes it into something you can cherish, feel uselful in doing it & have a sustained way of doing it. Perfectionist is the name that’s given to this sign because it’s actually a very sensitive sign – sensitive to service of the world, sensitive to making sure we are giving our best to the world & somehow making it better cause their life’s mission is to make this world better.

Refine, define and then Devine is their motto and should be the qualities we need to incorporate in our work, our mind, our life to make this season productive as well as enjoyable.

Leo season defines the What, Virgo season the How & Libra season With Who. One step at a time the building blocks appear in our daily life to make our dreams a reality.

Mind gets a toxic filter, it’s discerning knows what your body, your work, your health needs & it wastes no time & no energy of this diminishing summer sun on matters that aren’t worth your time or people for that matter that aren’t worth your mind. We get sharp, we get it right, but delight in mistakes is missing so be ready for that. You will be critical, you will be hard on yourself & you will find others judge mental too. Even love will be practical but it’s different kind of love. Love that is
straight up served with truth like medicine but it cures you, moves you out to a healthier place, let’s you choose broccoli over chips & in some insane way gains pleasure by that.

What it means to you?
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