We feel the energy of change building deep within us today as the astrological energies around us pu…

We feel the energy of change building deep within us today as the astrological energies around us press us toward growth and transformation. The shivering vibrations within our hearts and swelling stress in our souls alert us to the start of modification, and we prepare our hearts and minds for core level transformation. Blessed with a grounded emotion and equipped with clear, visionary instinct to light our way, we dig into our covert psyche to find the dark gems buried in our shadow side. Be open to circumstances and people that press you towards seeing things you once turned a blind eye to, knowingly dealing with each hair of stress that suspends you in between your inner light and inner shadow. Our personal relationships likely difficulty us to transform today also, presenting power struggles and stirring up tricks. Direct difficulties between ourselves an our partner(s) are possible if unhealthy stress have actually been building listed below the surface area, but we more likely face difficulties due to obsessing over how our partner(s) will react to our improvement or how our relationship will suit our changing world. Be comforted in understanding that all of us most go through times in our life in which we shed relationships in order to grow; a few of us are this phase now, while other are in the phase of reinforcing positive karmic bonds versus lifes challenges. We must turn to the hidden areas of our heart and mind to respond to which of these courses pulls us closer to our unique karmic calling and take it. Cloaked in the strength of our individual power and fortified by our refusal to allow worry to suppress our divine growth, we release any anxieties about change or loss that hover around us and permit the important things that do not serve us to go back to deep space today, remaining positive in our instinctive understanding of what serves our greatest good and what ties us to unhealthy karmic cycles.

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