Weekend Read – Earth Signs Taurus Forgiveness isnt easy, but it is necessary in order for you…

✨ Weekend Read – Earth Signs ✨

Taurus: Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it is necessary in order for you to move on. Take the time you need, to find closure from past rships that really pulled on your heart strings. Others of you fear you’ve missed out on an opportunity, but in fact you have 2 amazing opportunities or options coming your way. Hold your head high and don’t allow guilt to get the better of you- you done the right thing ✨
Virgo: Take time out to gather your thoughts, and give yourself some me-time. Being overwhelmed with stress is causing you exhaustion, therefor try not to do so much in one day and prioritize your chores. Also, some of you need to get more sleep or go to bed at an earlier timeframe with no phone, no tv as distractions ✨

Capricorn: Listening to that inner calling and acting on it. You feel it’s time to be proactive and that with no effort- there will be nothing to celebrate! Your past is a present for the future and you’re putting the knowledge you know now, into something better, for you know better. Living in ones truth and accepting the truth. Being responsible for ones own actions ✨

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