Weekly AffirmationI COMMUNICATE WITH COMPASSIONTo communicate with compassion is to open the hea…

✨Weekly Affirmation✨
To communicate with compassion is to open the heart and to let love flow out. It is a softening of our reactionary tendencies so that we may speak each word with intention. It using words to serve as a balm for the hurting, as strength for the doubting, as a guide for the lost. It is inherently non-violent. This doesn’t mean that we don’t stand up for our truth or speak our minds – it means we do it in a way that reveals our love for ourselves and for the beauty of all life. It means understanding that others may not be compassionate to us for a variety of reasons (wounds) but that doesn’t mean we have to respond in the same way. At times the most compassionate communication may be to offer no words at all. At other times, it may be to offer a profound and powerful truth with the intention of opening another’s eyes. To communicate with compassion is to be present in every situation and aware of the right way to share yourself in that context.

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