Weekly AffirmationI SPEAK WITH GOOD INTENTOur words are spells and so we must be intentional and…

✨ Weekly Affirmation ✨.
Our words are spells and so we should be aware and intentional of what we are stating. The constant repetition of words of self-doubt or self-belief can bring results into existence. By tearing someone down or spreading lies about them we cast spells to trigger then harm. On the other side offering a kind word or a compliment can change somebodys state of mind or whole day. When we choose to speak our intentions ought to be for cumulative growth, there is deep power in what we state and this card is reminding us that. As Mercury stations direct and starts to backtrack the journey it took while retrograde, what we state and when we state it will end up being particularly crucial. Think about the intents you have prior to stating anything. Align yourself with the old saying “think prior to you speak.”.

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