Weekly Horoscope: August 9 – 15

Sweet Venus faces off with foggy Neptune on Monday, August 9, at 8:19 AM: With this aspect, there may be a distortion of appearances. We’re seeing things through the looking glass, which can be very glamorous and Hollywood, or it could feel like we’re getting a warped self-image. Whatever’s happening, it’s smoke and mirrors. There is the potential to fall for potential, and to feel disappointed when things aren’t exactly like the movies. We can romanticize anything, which can be good. Every love story needs fantasy, but look out for the psychedelic twists!

On Tuesday, August 10, the drama is heightened as Mercury in Leo faces off with Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, at 9:19 PM. Things can be made out to seem a lot greater than they actually are. This is a time to adjust perspectives, which can correspond with a release of some information—ideas are readily shared. This cycle of learning and understanding began in early March, and now it reaches its peak as ideas are ready to be analyzed, then changed.

Mercury enters its home sign Virgo on Wednesday, August 11, at 5:56 PM. All things related to Mercury are supported here: writing, commerce, travels, translating, communicating! Mercury in Virgo loves to find a place for everything. Parsing through the archives is a plus.

Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto on Wednesday, August 11, taking relationships deeper. This can transform insecurities in your partnerships. Disappointments reach their final destination before becoming something more trustworthy, or at least more communicative. Interpersonal understanding is deepened. Issues of jealousy or bitterness can be worked through once looping patterns are uncovered.

All times ET.


Leo season is a fun, flirty time for you to laugh and be sexy, dear Aries! There’s some high drama as messenger Mercury faces off with Jupiter, which could make jokes and conversations over-the-top and hysterical. You’re going to have a lot to talk about with your lovers and friends. Whatever creative inspiration can be had comes from understanding your material on an informational level, more than on a superficial, aesthetic level. People aren’t fighting as much as they’re excited to be sharing ideas and deepening their understanding. Regarding your job or daily rituals: There’s a favorable power move that happens without trying as sweet Venus harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secret resources.


This week has the potential to be remarkably pleasurable! Your planetary ruler Venus faces off with dreamy Neptune, which can encourage you to get lost in art or romance! Whatever’s happening, you’re experiencing pleasure in an otherworldly way because you believe in a myth or see a glimmer of hope in your relationships. Are you worried about being unrealistic? As Venus harmonizes with Pluto, you can deepen your relationships and things that are usually scary or off-limits become approachable. Being vulnerable isn’t as intimidating when you trust your friends. There is a lot to say as Mercury faces off with Jupiter, bringing information about your work and home life.


You might be feeling a little sensitive when it comes to your image as aesthetic Venus faces off with Neptune, the planet of projection and illusions. You may feel like the general public has a completely different read on you than what is actually true. This can play in your favor as you shape shift into different roles, but it might be difficult for others to understand your desires since things aren’t how they seem. This also can be a time when you’re in touch with what’s trendy, and changing your values based on it. Many ideas are shared and you’re learning plenty as your planetary ruler Mercury faces off with Jupiter, the planet of higher knowledge. A lot of new information about your home and family life is shared as Mercury enters your chart’s domestic sector.


Leo season is a time for you to gain more financial stability or figure out what to do with all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years (Cancer is an expert collector). The astrology of this week can reveal people who you want to share your stuff with—not that there’s ever a shortage of those! Venus, the planet of relationships, harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secret resources, making it feel effortless to connect with people who have sway and influence. They’re not the only people with something to offer, though! You’re getting your receipts organized and payments finalized as Mercury faces off with Jupiter, helping you understand any unpaid balances.


There’s a sense of urgency about things that you want to explain this week. Conversations are invigorated as Mercury, the planet of communication, faces off with Jupiter, the planet of higher knowledge. You reach an understanding with someone and minds are changed as information is freely shared. You’re learning a lot about yourself and your ideas through your friends or relationships, and other people generally become a great educational resource. Mercury makes its final statement in your sign on Tuesday, so look out for a pressure to express something that you’re dying to say! You’re finding hidden resources as Venus, the planet of money, harmonizes with power planet Pluto…are you owed any paychecks?


Are you in love, or are you in love with the idea of love? There are no wrong answers! Venus faces off with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, putting vaseline on the lenses of your relationships. Your planetary ruler Mercury faces off with Jupiter, the planet of higher knowledge, giving you a greater understanding of your commitments at work and to the general public. Mercury enters your sign, bringing speedier communication and the ability to articulate your thoughts. Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto, presenting an opportunity to get a better understanding of your romantic and social habits. Social and romantic dynamics that have been deeply buried are now approachable and ready to be rehashed, but this time things are different!


You’re remembering things that you forgot you wanted as your planetary ruler Venus moves through the sector of your chart that goes unwitnessed by everyone but you! As Venus, the planet of love and beauty, faces off with dreamy Neptune, you are away with the fairies. Your self-image and self-worth may be feeling especially fragile right now since Neptune makes everything more tender. Confidence and empowerment comes from connecting with your hidden weapon as Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto. This makes it easy to tap into your origin story, or remember who you always wanted to be. Healing, radical self-acceptance, and transformation all happen in the dark, away from plain sight.


You’re refining your understanding of home and family as Mercury, the planet of communication, faces off with Jupiter, the planet of higher knowledge. There’s a mistake that you’re ready to admit as you get a better read on things that usually seem too lengthy to digest. You’re very busy with work these days, and having authority on the topic is not as bad as it sounds. Your community becomes one of your greatest resources, especially for research and digging through archives, as Venus, the planet of money and beauty, harmonizes with power planet Pluto! This can deepen a bond with your network as things go beyond the superficial.


With Venus in your chart’s sector of career and reputation, you’re admiring your accomplishments through a critical lens. As it faces off with Neptune, the planet of beliefs and illusions, you may be changing some of your values and aesthetics, gaining inspiration from your past. This can also be a time when you’re not exactly sure how you want to be perceived by the public, but are able to slip into different roles and disguises. The planet of communication, Mercury, also moves into your career sector, bringing news about projects that are held in high regard. There are financial power plays happening as Venus harmonizes with Pluto, the billionaire planet. You’re on the precipice of fresh career changes as Virgo season is just around the corner.


Leo season is not always the easiest for Capricorn suns and risings: It’s a time of change, uncertainty, and sometimes financial and emotional insecurity. These themes require a strong trust of others and your own intuition, which can awaken you to some yucky monsters that have been lurking in the shadows, and require some healing and help. Asking for help during Leo season will almost always be a success! And you’re able to help others at this time, too, as the planet of love and money, Venus, harmonizes with power planet Pluto, and your personal magnetism is supercharged. The transformative themes of Leo season are fortified. You’re chasing bitter medicine with a spoonful of sugar, or having a strong coffee after a rude awakening.


Leo season can be a fun time for Aquarius suns and risings, when your favorite people bring you warmth, strength, and endless entertainment! You’ve been learning about the important people in your life as Mercury’s moved through your chart’s relationships sector, giving you information about your partners. As Mercury faces off with Jupiter, definitive conversations about your relationships reach a climax. There may be some tense energy as you let go of certain definitions, labels, or beliefs. You’re wondering where you fit into other people’s lives, and learning a lot about the greater scheme of things, too. Maybe it’s time to change your mind about what you’re seeking in your relationships.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has been in your chart’s sector of relationships and interpersonal commitments, bringing a critical understanding of what you want from your partnerships! Conversations have been intentional as you’ve been processing emotions and dealing with your relationships in an effective, productive way. As Venus faces off with dreamy, lucid Neptune, the plot can be easily lost. Sometimes the only thing that needs to make sense in a relationship is how you feel, but this Neptune aspect merges the feelings and desires of two people in a way that makes your emotional work either more complicated, or fantastically dreamy! As Mercury, the planet of communication, also moves into your relationship sector, these things will be a breeze to articulate from here on out.

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