Weekly Horoscope: February 8 – 14

Yes, Mercury is still retrograde, but that’s OK! Mercury retrograde is just regular Mercury business. Mercury stationed retrograde in Aquarius on January 30, and it’s here to stay until February 21, but the story really begins and ends with its shadow phases, starting January 15 and ending on March 13.

If you’ve been feeling like it’s hard to get your point across, or like things are moving way too slowly, there’s a moment of clarity within the eye of the storm as retrograde Mercury meets with the sun at 8:47 AM on Monday, February 8. This helps us see all of the crossed wires, so that we can do things more efficiently.

Mercury retrograde once again clashes with action planet Mars at 7:15 AM on Wednesday, February 9. Think back to January 9, which was the last time this happened. On January 9, we took a step toward getting our point across. Now that Mercury retrograde is here, we’re making adjustments to this, and trying again. This story will continue on March 24, when Mercury clashes with Mars once again before moving onto better things.

Tuesday’s astrology is refreshing and hopeful. The two benefic or “good” planets, sweet Venus and lucky Jupiter, align in the sky, at 9:59 AM. There is something indulgent about this aspect. There is an abundance of gratitude, but there’s also just a lot of opulence to go along with it! This positivity is followed by a new moon in Aquarius at 2:05 PM. The new moon is always time to begin or end something and this one will help us connect with our relationship to the collective. Take this time to realign with a vision of a helpful rather than hostile world. Imagine that everyone wants you to succeed.

Having a positive mindset is not terribly hard on Saturday, February 13, as Venus meets with retrograde messenger Mercury at 2:48 AM, helping us attain a more artful or attractive perspective on things. This can also have some implications about repeating conversations in romantic relationships. Also on Saturday, action planet Mars connects with hazy Neptune at 9:13 PM. People are going to have a hard time understanding other’s motives. Whenever Neptune is involved, so is projection, so you have to make your intentions clear or else others will likely believe whatever they want to. Alternatively, you can spin things in your favor.

More positive mental attitudes arrives as Mercury meets with generous Jupiter at 2:39 PM on Sunday, February 14. This can also reflect a really active mind, so be cautious of your caffeine intake and bedtime if you must. This is a callback to January 11, which had people feeling eager to learn new skills through classes, or to share their knowledge far and wide.

All times ET.


The story of this Mercury retrograde is one of financial challenges and rethinking budgets. There are delays when finding out news about finances from your boss or other authorities, and it’s definitely influencing how you spend money as Mercury retrograde clashes with your planetary ruler, Mars. Think back to January 9 for more clues about how you are experiencing this event. Of course there is a lot of generosity in your community and more than enough support to go around as Venus meets Jupiter, the planet of abundance! You are reframing your relationship to the community and even to your political ideas as the new moon in Aquarius begins, or ends, a chapter. You’re addressing feelings of insecurity or deep seated fears and beliefs as Mars connects with Neptune.


For you, Taurus, this Mercury retrograde tells a story about professional development and how you’re trying to make an impression. You want to make moves that are impactful, and that can get you the lifestyle that you dream of. You have clarity about what is being asked of you and how you can live up to these expectations as retrograde Mercury meets with the sun and clashes with action planet Mars. You get a confidence boost and some positive attention as your planetary ruler, Venus, meets with lucky Jupiter. This, along with the new moon falling in your house of carrier and public reputation, point toward you taking a step in the right direction toward the things you want to be remembered for in this lifetime.


Mercury retrogrades are just business as usual for you, Gemini, since you know that things are usually fluctuating with multiple potential outcomes! This one, however, will affect your world view and give your head a spin. There is some clarity about what you believe in, and you are redefining things and making some tweaks as your planetary ruler, Mercury, mens with the sun. This can create some heat or deep seated discomfort as Mercury clashes with fiery Mars, stirring up some agitation that’s been repressed for a while. The new moon in fellow air sign Aquarius brings new beginnings in areas of education, travel, and good old paperwork. This can be a time when you set out to share your ideas in new ways.


This Mercury retrograde is a sticky one, Cancer, as the planet of communication is acting unusual in a sensitive sector of your chart. Conversations about intimacy, shared things, death, and taxes, are being reiterated and reviewed. This one in particular will find you wondering about social dynamics, and can have you comparing yourself to other people and what they have as Mercury clashes with warrior Mars. This is a compelling case to act out, of course, but try to remember the things that you do have. The new moon in Aquarius hits the reset button. New moons are a time for endings and beginnings, and this one is particularly transformational. Something will end to make space for something better to take its place.


This Mercury retrograde has you sorting out your agreements with others. Shared responsibilities are illuminated, as retrograde Mercury meets with your planetary ruler, the sun, clearing up anything that was confused or miscommunicated. This is a time to be patient with other people. The fuse is short as Mercury clashes with warrior Mars, which can find funny ideas making their way into reality. This can also be a disagreement resulting in people going their separate ways, or finding a new avenue for your ideas. You have a lot of faith in others and a general good spirit about relationships as Venus meets Jupiter. The new moon in your house of interpersonal commitments gives you space to realign with the people you want to devote more time and energy to.


As a sign that is ruled by a tricky planet, you’re used to dealing with inconveniences or miscommunications as they come. It’s all part of processing information and finding out new ways of being! So Mercury retrograde is no big deal for a Virgo. This Mercury retrograde has an extra grip on your schedule and productivity, and it asks that you shuffle things around and reorganize your priorities so that you can have more time to do what you believe is best. You get more clarity around your daily commitments as your planetary ruler, Mercury, meets with the sun, and you have to breathe through any scheduling mishaps and stress as it clashes with Mars. The new moon in Aquarius asks you to make space for the habits that you want to instill. It’s easier to start something than to stop something!


This Mercury retrograde finds you revisiting old creative projects, or just reaching out to old friends and lovers that you’ve been thinking about. Sometimes you are the ex that reaches out during a Mercury retrograde! There is a lot of affection to share as your planetary ruler, Venus, meets with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion: This is an auspicious time to get over sourness and disappointments from past relationships, and see the bigger picture. The new moon in Aquarius is a good opportunity to reevaluate what is and isn’t tickling your fancy, helping you gather a fresh perspective on your hookups, friendships, and creative ventures. Show affection toward the ideas and mistakes you made in the past as Venus meets with Mercury. These old ideas can help inspire you to be more prolific, too.


This Mercury retrograde is hitting close to home! There’s a lot happening in your private life and you’re probably the only one who knows about it. You’re getting more information about things that have been unclear, hidden, or just delayed, as retrograde Mercury meets with the sun, bringing news about your home and family life. Your relationships are challenging your ideas about your home and family as retrograde Mercury clashes with your planetary ruler, Mars. This can stir up disagreements, or have you coming up with new ways to address other people, as they seem to be confrontational right now. There’s a peaceful atmosphere at home as Venus meets Jupiter. The new moon in Aquarius redefines your relationship that you have to your home, and how you share it with your friends and lovers.


This Mercury retrograde has you nostalgic for old neighbors and colleagues. This can also be a positive time to go through old emails, text messages, and journals to get to know yourself and your communication style a little wiser. The planet of love, Venus, meets with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, finding you waxing poetic about literally everything. This is a positive aspect for you to get inspired and learn more about the things that simply make you swoon. The new moon falls in your house of communication, which can be an important marker for learning new skills or having a big conversation. Be careful not to overstate your capacity as Mercury meets with Jupiter—you might bite off more than you can chew! There are a lot of good offers on the table. Take it one step at a time and ask if you can space out your commitments.


There is a lot happening in your financial life right now. You’re making money moves, and just figuring out what it takes to support yourself. You might be redefining your relationship to money and finding new ways to share and receive income during this Mercury retrograde period. There also can easily be delays in receiving a paycheck, so make sure you’re on top of “following up” with your emails if you’ve been invoicing. The new moon falls in your house of personal resources, marking a time when you can reinvigorate your budget. Consider setting aside a portion of your fund for wealth redistribution or investing back into the communities that support you to begin with—a lawful good Aquarius vibe.


It’s an outstanding time to be an Aquarius! This Mercury retrograde will affect you and your thoughts most directly, as you check in on how to get your point across and maybe make some adjustments. You have a moment of clarity as retrograde Mercury meets with the sun, helping you to make sense of things a little better, and bringing some important information your way. There is some frustration at home as Mercury clashes with Mars, as you continue to toil away at some chores. You have some confidence and positivity as Venus meets with Jupiter and Mercury, bringing you onward and upward with regards to how you think about your relationship status. The new moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to set intentions for how you will take care of yourself. Make a promise to yourself!


There is a lot happening behind the curtain, and you are expected to maintain your appearance all the while. The planet of love and attraction, Venus, meets with your planetary ruler Jupiter, finding you seeing new parts of yourself and your desires that you haven’t reached yet. This is a time to get a broader perspective on the things that stay out of view, and to forgive yourself for things that are outside of your control. It’s time to catch up on your rest and make a promise to wrap up other loose ends with the new moon in Aquarius. You can make a scene as Mars connects with dreamy Neptune, encouraging you to make a sexy impression on your friends and followers.

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