Weekly Horoscope: January 25 – 31

The Aquarius stereotype is the rebel, but it is also someone invested in the status quo. Whatever way that a fixation on social structures leads Aquarius, there is an awareness of a collective consciousness. This becomes pronounced as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, at 7:48 AM on Tuesday, January 26—a definitive Aquarius season moment! People are going to be asserting their independence, and possibly rebelling just for the sake of being different.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, meets with power planet Pluto on Thursday, January, 28, at 11:18 PM, intensifying relationships. Any distrust or unbalanced relationship dynamics will be intensified to the point where they need to be reconciled. This can also be a good time to smooth over any insecurities and create a tighter bond. 

If that wasn’t dramatic enough, there’s a full moon in Leo on the same day, at 2:16 PM. This full moon makes an exact aspect to lucky Jupiter, exaggerating things. Be aware of oversimplifying things to suit your ego’s needs. As the sun in Aquarius faces off with the moon in Leo, we are making compromises between fitting in and rebelling. Thursday’s final alignment between the sun and lucky Jupiter at 8:39 PM—again, this is a major ego boost. Try to keep yourself humble, or alternately, use the confidence to make a move that you wouldn’t otherwise.

The notorious Mercury retrograde begins at 10:51 PM: Mercury retrogrades about three to four times per year, it’s part of how it gets its signification for being the planet of communication and trickery. This year all Mercury retrogrades will be in the air signs, with the first one beginning in Aquarius. Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it’s retrograde, make sure to pencil in time for delays and miscommunications.

All times ET.


Some things are valued because that’s the way they’ve always been. There is an increased awareness around how these power structures affect you, your relationships, and the way you present yourself to your employers as Venus, the planet of love and money, meets with power plant Pluto. This can be a time when what you value in your career completely changes. The full moon in fellow fire sign Leo illuminates your house of dating, friendships, and creativity, bringing these matters to a head. This is a time when something comes full circle. Any issues surrounding jealousy or not feeling seen can be dealt with and released. Mercury, the planet of communication, begins its regular retrograde and the coming weeks will bring delays and miscommunications when it comes to your social networks.


Independence has become more important for you over recent years as rebellious Uranus transits your sign, Taurus. This week the sun clashes with Uranus, compelling you to really assert your need for space, and to show that you are different from everyone else, regardless of how much you enjoy being vanilla. Sexual intensity is magnified as your planetary ruler Venus meets with power planet Pluto in your house of sex, dating, friendships, and creativity. You are ruthless in your desires—just be aware of power plays and shady characters. The full moon in Leo brings career matters to a climax. Optimism and opportunities are abundant as the sun meets with Jupiter. Mercury retrograde, however, will bring some mix-ups to your home and family life, so take your time!


Aquarius season brings your education and foreign affairs to the fore. Socializing with others is how Geminis learn best, and your connections to clubs and the people that form them can take you far. This week’s full moon lights up your house of communication, bringing matters of research, paperwork, and writing in general to fullness. Something is ready to be said, but of course there are delays and miscommunications when it comes to dealing with what comes next. Your planetary ruler Mercury begins its regular, tricky retrograde period. This will bring complications with travel (which is already complicated enough as is) and higher learning. What’s great is that these delays and mishaps only bring you closer to others, and help you tighten screws that you didn’t even realize were loose.


Aquarius season is about looking at the substantial, intimate things that hold your relationships together. This is also a time when you can pay off serious debts or get a solid refund. This full moon is a moment to cash out, or buy in, because you’ll have more clarity about what you really have and how you can use your money—and the money that you share with other people—more wisely. Your relationships get more intense, or deeper, as Venus, the planet of love, joins with Pluto. Any issues around mistrust will be ironed out. If someone seems shady though, it’s likely that they are. Mercury retrograde begins in your house of shared resources, so expect delays with purchases. Make sure whatever you’re spending your money on is easy to return or exchange.


Other people are inspiring you to take risks in your career as your planetary ruler, the sun, clashes with rebellious Uranus. You want to make your mark and stand out as someone unique. Aquarius season emphasizes the ways in which your relationships sustain you. You don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel, or even throw everything out at once. People are extremely generous with you, and you have faith that you can trust them as the sun meets with lucky Jupiter. The full moon in your sigh reveals what you need in oder to feel safe, and you’re looking at the bigger picture of your relationships. This is a theme for the coming weeks as Mercury retrograde begins in your house of relationships. Conversations will be repeating themselves, just to make sure everyone’s on the same page.


Have you been getting enough rest? What’s something that you’ve been ignoring that cannot be ignored any longer? The full moon will reveal the ways you need to catch up on your alone time. The tarot card associated with Virgo is The Hermit: It’s all about the need to be alone to find wisdom. You’re thinking deeply about what you value in love and might be finding new reasons for your relationship beliefs as Venus meets with Pluto, the planet of secrets. This can bring about a change in what you desire. Your planetary ruler Mercury begins its regularly scheduled retrograde. This will find you getting reorganized in your routine (work and health included) and finding new ways to make it work.


Even though Capricorn season is behind us, there is still work to be done around your home and family life. Explore the ways in which your childhood shapes your desires and definition of love as your planetary ruler Venus meets with Pluto, the planet of secrets. Hidden resources can come into play now, like a piggy bank. The full moon in Leo does reveal how other people can help you. Not everything has to be done on your own. This is a good time to ask people for what you want.  Mercury retrograde begins in your house of personal finance and resources, and you can trick someone into giving you something expensive for half the price. Or maybe you will be tricked. Keep your wits about you!


All of the time spent at home has you feeling restless, Scorpio. You are taking risks when it comes to your relationships as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Your course of action will come as a shock to others, or can be responding to a feeling of instability in your relationships. You can’t always predict what other people will do, but that doesn’t necessarily make them unworthy of trust. The moon in Leo brings important career matters to fulfillment. Something is ready to be revealed to the world. There is a lot of good vibes at home, and you can really use this to spread your roots as the sun meets with Jupiter, the planet of growth. There will be some disorganization, maybe confusion with domestic things though, as Mercury retrograde begins, so stay patient and wait it out.


Aquarius season has you looking at what you know, and itching to learn more. You’re doing your research, sending emails, and having weird conversations, all to get smarter and more well informed. The full moon in fellow fire sign Leo has you ready to put this knowledge out into the world. You have a lot of trust in what you’ve learned as the sun meets with lucky Jupiter. This can have you getting the better half of the deal with whatever agreements you spin up. This is also a great time for learning. You will be reviewing what you know, going through old notes and receipts even, during this upcoming Mercury retrograde period. There’s already plenty of material to rework.


Once intense Pluto transits end, they find you more influential than before, Capricorn. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, meets with power planet Pluto, bringing breakthroughs in your relationships and transformations to what it is that you value. This is also a time when you have a vice grip on your heart and can be calling the shots in a way that is a power play. The challenge with Pluto is loosening the grip and trusting. Try to be soft. Self love is a catalyst. The full moon lights up a sensitive sector of your chart related to shared resources (and taxes lol) revealing how your generosity is received. Mercury retrograde takes inventory and restocks as it moves through your house of personal resources.


Aquarius season: You’re feeling more like yourself! Time for you to let your freak flag fly. You are broadcasting this as the sun clashes with Uranus, inspiring you to take risks and experiment, especially when it comes to your housing. Autonomy is important, but make sure these risks won’t destabilize things too much. You have a really optimistic outlook on things as the sun meets Jupiter, and that might cause some oversight. Pace yourself, and find a clever course of action. The full moon in your opposite sign Leo brings relationships to a climax. This is a time when you can see how to move forward with others. Mercury retrograde begins in your sign and you’re rethinking the ways you express your ideas. Inconveniences aren’t the end of the world.


Aquarius season is a time for you to wrap up loose ends and spend some quality alone time. The full moon in Leo brings important work projects to a head. This is also a time when you should check in on your health and see things that might have not been so obvious before. This full moon faces off with your planetary ruler Jupiter, which grows things. The sun meets Jupiter, revealing things that have been building outside of your sight. This is a time when you can see the ways things are keeping you out of harm’s way and have a new appreciation for it. Getting to know yourself and your deepest thoughts is a theme of the upcoming Mercury retrograde period. Reading old journals and text messages can clue you into hidden parts of yourself.

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