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On Wednesday, March 3, Venus connects with Uranus at 12:09 PM: Venus is the planet of love and aesthetics, and Uranus of experimentation, and there is going to be a synergy between the two. People are feeling antsy and ready to try new things in relationships and beauty. Before you grab the hair clippers, try on a bald cap. Also on Wednesday, warrior planet Mars changes signs, entering air sign Gemini at 10:29 PM—this is going be an energy shift! With Mars in Taurus we were sleepy and slow-moving, and now that Mars is in a quicker sign, we’ll let our curiosities guide the way.

We get another batch of good news as Mercury, the planet of communication, meets with optimistic Jupiter on Thursday, March 4, at 10:27 PM. This might also be a moment of information overload, since Jupiter is the planet of abundance; take it slow.

Mercury’s post retrograde shadow will be cleared next week with the upcoming new moon. In the meantime, we’re still getting back around to things that have been developing over the Mercury pre-retrograde and retrograde periods. Good things take time!

All times ET.


Your planetary ruler, Mars, changes signs this week. Since March 7, things have been a little sleepy and delayed as Mars was in a sign where it isn’t as aggressive as it likes to be. Starting Wednesday, you’ll see a change in pace! You’re going to be a lot busier and more communicative, and can have some quick comebacks ready to spit. The pace picks up with your colleagues, neighbors, siblings, and roommates. There’s more news about your community as Mercury meets with Jupiter on Thursday. This provides a hopeful mindset about your future goals and the vast realm of possibilities.


Your planetary ruler, Venus, connects with Uranus, the planet of the unconventional, bringing some surprising changes or fluctuations to your social life. Values are being tested and tinkered with, and new ways of finding community are accessed. There can be connections made in ways that you’ve never considered before, and you’re not afraid to take risks in your relationships right now. Everybody seems to be on board. There is good or liberating news when it comes to your career and public life as Mercury meets with lucky Jupiter for a third time. This is a story that continues to develop! With aggressive Mars finally out of your sign, you’ll probably feel less pressure to perform and have more time to chill.


Unexpected professional connections are available as sweet Venus connects with Uranus, the planet of rebellion and surprises. You never know who could be out there, but you have to take a step toward it, it won’t fall into your lap right now! The planet of action, Mars, enters your sign this week, lighting a fire under your ass. After dealing with some things lurking beneath the surface, you’re ready to spring forward and confront everything you need. Just make sure you’re not coming on too strong. Your planetary ruler Mercury meets with lucky Jupiter, encouraging you to share your ideas with the world or to get in touch with things you want to learn more about.


You’re connecting with your romantic ideals, and finding radically new information about what you want as Venus in fellow water sign Pisces connects with Uranus, the planet of revolution. There is the opportunity to try something completely new, to make your palette more complex and expand your horizons. It requires you to take a calculated risk, and to phone a friend. You’ve had a lot of action happening in your community and friendships lately and now that Mars enters a hidden sector of your chart, it’s time for you to turn on autopilot and let someone else handle things. Over the coming weeks, deep-seated issues can be aggravated as skeletons in the closet get jostled around a little bit.


You have your finger on the pulse of something that can give you an advantage as Venus connects with Uranus. With Venus in a psychic sector of your chart, you’re able to intuit what your next move can be. There can also be a sense of nervousness because so many things are hidden or uncertain. There’s been a lot of pressure on you to perform and it’s exhausting! Now that action planet Mars is moving away from the middle of your chart, you’ll be more interested in connecting with people who share your vision for the future. It’ll be more social climbing and less professionalism. You do get some good news about a partner as Mercury meets with Jupiter once more!


Take a risk in your relationships as Venus connects with Uranus. There can be something completely different out there for you to connect to! This change is exciting and electric, and it won’t create conflict, but a new way of understanding other people and their idiosyncrasies. You can cooperate in making more space for something you’ve never experienced before. You will have some pressure to perform as action planet Mars enters your career sector. This can look like people in power being demanding of you and your gifts. This is great for motivation, but don’t burn out too fast; take your time. There’s an abundance of information, some good news, as your planetary ruler Mercury meets with lucky Jupiter.


Alternative avenues and new ways to generate income and generally support your lifestyle are available for exploration as your planetary ruler, Venus, connects with Uranus, the planet of experimentation. You’re going to need to be brave and ask for the weird vision that you have, Libra! There’s been a lot of pressure to address financial things that are not totally in your control as Mars has been in your house of shared resources, but now it’s moving into fellow air sign Gemini, which will give you more energy toward your ideas and beliefs. You’re going to put your mission statement into action, or finally get yourself to go somewhere you’ve been meaning to make it out to! Mercury meets with Jupiter once more, bringing good news to your love life and creative endeavors.


Venus in fellow water sign Pisces has you in a creative, romantic, and inspired place. Venus connects with unruly Uranus, and innovative collaborations come either through relationships or artistic pursuits. This can bring some shockwaves to your relationships as you find new ways to deal with slippery dynamics and uncertain times. Your planetary ruler, Mars, has been in your relationships sector, finding other people a little more aggressive than usual. It changes signs and enters your house of shared resources—you’re going to have more energy toward financial matters. There can also be a heightened intuition as you feel out things in the dark over the coming weeks. Big news comes at home as Mercury meets with Jupiter in your house of family and private life.


You’ve been connecting with your home life with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, in your domestic sector. Venus harmonizes with inventive Uranus this week, bringing inspiration from new avenues. You can come up with some groundbreaking aesthetics when it comes to your job, lifestyle, and living space. Your relationships get a new charge as action planet Mars enters your house of partnerships. You’ll find other people are more confrontational and you’re ready to address your own wants in your relationships more straightforwardly. This is all relationships, even the ones with your haters! You get some great news as Mercury meets with your planetary ruler Jupiter once more in your house of communication. Pour it out into a journal!


There is a connection to something divine and inspired as Venus, the planet of love, moves through your house of communication, bringing some pretty messages your way. Venus connects with eclectic Uranus, setting the stage for a groundbreaking artistic performance. This can also lead to some surprisingly beautiful messages in your relationships with both lovers and friends. You’re getting more energy to take care of your health and work habits as action planet Mars changes signs. Be sure you have time for sleeping and eating— your physical health should be a priority right now. Good news about money comes as Mercury meets with Jupiter in your house of personal resources. This is a time when you are figuring out how to share and grow your wealth.


You’re attracting beautiful things into your grip with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, in your house of personal resources. Venus connects with your modern planetary ruler, Uranus, and you’re able to conjure something beautiful and unique for your living space or your family. You’ve been dealing with a lot of frustrating, slow-moving energy around your home and family life and this week, a change of pace comes. You’re making more headway in terms of your social and dating life, asserting your creativity and sexuality. You have a lot of great ideas and are ready to share them as Mercury meets with Jupiter in your sign one more time. Write them all down so you don’t forget!


You are in touch with your desires more now that Venus is in your sign, Pisces. You’re exploring these desires and redefining what you want as Venus connects with Uranus, encouraging you to experiment with what you think you like and rewrite your rules. With assertive Mars entering your chart’s house of home and family, you’re going to have more action happening in that area of your life over the coming weeks. Take on something that requires a lot of effort and energy, but be cautious of burn out! Mercury meets with your planetary ruler Jupiter in a hidden sector of your chart, providing you with a lot of liberating information about your psyche that you didn’t really see before. You’re getting a greater perspective of things that were once out of your field of perception.

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