Weekly Horoscope: March 7 – 13

The planet of the mind, Mercury, enters psychedelic Pisces on Thursday, March 10, at 8:32 PM. Mercury in Pisces sees things through the looking glass. It’s the most galaxy-brained zodiac placement of the planets. This gives everyone a good sense of humor and a flexible approach to abstract concepts.

The sun meets with Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, on Sunday, March 13, at 6:42 AM. The sun is the realest of the planetary bodies, and Neptune the most imaginary. With these two together, it’s like dreams coming true! There can be an ability to clarify anything that is confusing. Beliefs are put into perspective. A new cycle related to our perspective of reality begins!

All times ET.

Aries horoscope for March 7 – 13

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes right now. Every year, Pisces season finds the sun moving through a secretive, quiet sector of your chart, and as Mercury enters Pisces, you’re thinking about things that have been pushed aside for a long time. This is a moment to listen to your thoughts in quiet solitude, through prayer or meditation. Therapy or speaking with someone in confidence might help you to give these thoughts more shape. The sun meets Neptune, which can be very spiritual and imaginative. This is an opportunity to tap into something universal, overarching, and ethereal. Meditation, dream journaling, therapy, or learning about archetypes are all appropriate activities.

Taurus horoscope for March 7 – 13

It’s a social time of year for you as the sun moves through the sector of your chart that rules community and your hopes and dreams, showing you what objectives you want to work toward. According to astrology, the friendships and people that you are connected to help you move toward your dreams. Mercury, the planet of the mind, moves into this sector, giving you more imagination in these arenas. You might find that you have more errands to run and events to attend! The sun meets dreamy Neptune, and you’re getting a better understanding of what was “just a phase” and what you actually want to accomplish.

Gemini horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season puts you in the public eye as the sun moves through the most forward-facing sector of your chart. This is a time when you’re stepping into your own authority and calling the shots, or maybe you’re having more organized and purposeful interactions with your boss or authority figures in your life. Your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, moves into Pisces, giving you more of a public presence. You’re thinking about your career and how you are perceived by the world; this could be a powerful time for you to revamp your social media or resume. The sun meets Neptune, beginning a new cycle in how you participate in or even drive the trends that are happening.

Cancer horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season is a spiritual time for you as the sun moves through the sector of your chart that deals with your worldview. This worldview is shaped by your travels, education, or spirituality. The planet of the mind, Mercury, moves into Pisces, which can find you asking questions that expand your consciousness. This is a curious moment to see where your mind takes you, literally or figuratively. Getting outside of your own point of view, traveling far outside of your bubble, can expand your idea of what is even possible! The sun meets dreamy Neptune, beginning a new cycle concerning your self worth and understanding of where you fit into the world at large. You might be one person, but you play an important part.

Leo horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season is a mystical time for you, dear Leo. Every year around this time your planetary ruler, the sun, is in a place that asks you to put your trust in other people. This can be very intimate, bringing you closer to others, or it can show you where things need to be changed and worked through in order to be more stable. The planet of communication, Mercury, moves into this sector, which may find you paying off debts or asking for a loan. There can also be conversations about trust and forgiveness taking place. The sun meets dreamy Neptune, which is a wonderful time to forgive and clarify things that have been chocked full of confusion and projections! Neptune washes over things that are painful, and the sun brings truth and warmth to things that are cold and dark.

Virgo horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season brings your relationships into focus as the sun moves through your chart’s partnerships sector. This is a time when other people bring more developments into your life, or a development in someone else’s life can more easily affect yours now. Of course you have a say in it! Your planetary ruler Mercury moves into this sector, bringing new conversations about how you experience relationships and what you want to get out of them. The sun meets with dreamy Neptune and things are clarified and processed like never before. A new cycle begins that deals with the vibe of how you experience other people. You might find yourself feeling more sensitive, physically and emotionally, to topics surrounding relationships and connection.

Libra horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season has you looking at your habits with clarity and forgiveness. Libra is a sign that likes to be productive, but ultimately wants to use their work to help and nurture others. There is a lot of space to forgive yourself for not being perfectly productive as the sun meets with Neptune. This can clear up any myths about what you’re supposed to be doing, how you’re supposed to be working, or what diet you should be following. There are a lot of beliefs about productivity and habits that can be busted! This is also a good time to break the spell of certain toxic or numbing habits that you need to understand more clearly before taking the steps to manage.

Scorpio horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season is a lot of fun for you, Scorpio, as the sun moves through the sector of your chart dealing with flirting, fun, and creativity! Finding your inner child, connecting with the children in your life, or becoming more playful, are productive ways to tap into the silliness and lightheartedness that Pisces season has to offer. Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Pisces, which may find you thinking more about your dating life or friendships. Mental hang-ups or emotional lows can be reckoned with via a conversation with your imagined childhood self. The sun meets Neptune, helping you tap into your imagination and ask your childhood self for forgiveness! The veil is thinned and connections with friends, lovers, and muses are soulful.

Sagittarius horoscope for March 7 – 13

Your home and family life continue to be a focus as the sun moves through your chart’s domestic sector. You’re trying to make your home hospitable to dreams of being able to travel far away—for school or for curiosity—and even to welcome travelers who are far away from home, too. Your definition of home is flexible in a way that allows you to have enough freedom to roam and be wild, but still feel settled and have the bandwidth to host. The planet of communication, Mercury, moves through your domestic sector, bringing news to the home front. The sun meets with Neptune, beginning a new cycle concerning your beliefs and perspective of your childhood and family.

Capricorn horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season is already a busy time for you as the sun moves through your chart’s house of communication and commuting—there are people to see and places to go! The planet of communication, Mercury, joins the party and you have a lot of errands to run. This can be a time when you are writing and learning from the world around you. You’re doing hands-on research and getting your skills together on the ground so that you can one day share them with the world! The sun meets dreamy Neptune, which is an excellent sky for forgiveness and inner peace. Take the time to shed light on misunderstandings, or to let go of disagreements and quarrels.

Aquarius horoscope for March 7 – 13

Pisces season highlights the material world for you. Ironically, Pisces is all about the immaterial and the spiritual. Money is probably not as important to Aquarius as the intentions behind the money. Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, moves into Pisces this week, which could be a good time to sell some of your stuff or talk about how much things are worth. Conversations around your rates are likely. The sun meets with Neptune, which could have you flushing some money down the drain or feeling less stressed out about material things. Maybe keep your most important valuables under lock and key right now, in case you decide to discard all your worldly possessions and live in the woods.

Pisces horoscope for March 7 – 13

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your sign, giving you a sharper mind and strong ability to communicate even the most complex and abstract thoughts. Things that were once just dreams or impressions are now coming into the world for everyone around you to hear! Take advantage of your brain over the coming weeks. It’s still Pisces season—your presence lights up the room! Now is time to put yourself first. The sun meets with Neptune, your modern planetary ruler, giving you a new understanding of your beliefs and sensitivities, too. You might feel like you’re waking up from a dream or clearing up any misunderstandings. Remember it’s not your job to fix other people’s misunderstandings of you and use this time to know what you believe in.

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