Weekly Horoscope: March 8 – 14

The sun meets with dreamy Neptune on Wednesday, March 10, at 7:00 PM: We’re connecting to something truly magical! There can be some clarity around illusions, or we may see our dreams come to life. This is a time to get real about your ideals or to let your beliefs guide you and your consciousness. There are more psychic, sensitive, vulnerable moments.

The new moon in Pisces comes on Saturday, March 13, at 5:21 AM. New moons are times of new beginnings, and this new moon is closely connected to Neptune, the planet of illusions. While this is an opportunity to connect to your intuition, it’s also useful to take this this to be aware of your biases and how they shape your reality. Everyone has them! Also on Saturday, Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow, which means that Mercury has moved through all of the degrees that it was previously both direct and retrograde, clearing this path for the third and final time. This new moon will feel like a fresh start emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

One of the most stellar, romantic astrological aspects of the year comes on Saturday, March 13, when Venus meets with Neptune. This has been on the horizon since 2012 when the slow moving outer planet Neptune entered Pisces. This is incredibly whimsical—a fairytale romance! Venus is technically exalted in Pisces and as it connects with Neptune we want all of the fantasy. This is a time of tremendous idealism, inspiration, and creative transcendence.

All times ET.


Pisces season is a time of rest and hibernation for you, Aries. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and you’re working through some deep psychological stuff; there are some skeletons in the closet that you’re able to clean out now. When you pay close attention to things that have been lurking in the corners, you can put them back in their place. When you confront your fears, you can overcome them. This new moon will force you to take the time to rest and hide away from the hustle. If there’s something you’ve been needing to catch up on, this is the time to turn off your phone and get to work. Hidden desires are explored as Venus meets Neptune.


Now that spring is around the corner, you’re connecting to your network in fresh, sympathetic ways—that’s your Pisces season vibe. There is a general understanding of greater trends and beliefs as the sun meets with Neptune, and you can understand the influence of crowds. The new moon will give you a fresh start when it comes to connecting to your hopes and dreams—this is the time to make a wish! This is also a useful moment to thank everyone who supports you and your endeavors. Your planetary ruler Venus meets with psychic Neptune, and you’re able to tap into something much larger than yourself. Inspiration comes from your political beliefs and dreams for a better future.


You’re very sensitive to your reputation, Gemini. You don’t want people to think that you’re part of some trend that you can’t get behind, but now you’re paying closer attention to how these beliefs shape your legacy. You’re taking on different forms and titles, and can bend your appearance to make it seem like you’re many different things at once. The new moon in Pisces brings a fresh start to your career, giving you the space to align with your beliefs and how you want your life’s work to be perceived. You can present something imaginative and transcendental as Venus meets with Neptune, making you a total dream to the public eye. With Mercury retrograde’s shadow cleared, you’ve finally worked out the knots in something you’ve been publishing or a bureaucratic endeavor.


What you believe in shapes your identity: Your general outlook on life, your morals, your spirituality—all inspire your decisions and worldview. Pisces season connects you to these beliefs. The sun meets with Neptune and you can be very inspired, even spiritually moved. This is also an indication of your awareness of trends and a willingness to help or heal people. The new moon in Pisces asks that you connect with your spirituality, or at least get a closer look at what you do and don’t know. This is a time to engage with mysteries and the metaphysical. Venus meets with Neptune, whisking you away from this material plane as you fantasize about sweet possibilities. Think happy thoughts!


It’s a very touchy time for Leo suns and risings! Pisces season calls your attention to the unknown—things that are outside of your reach. Your intuition is heightened, but so is your FOMO and your willingness to jump to conclusions. Making assumptions can lead to confusion, so don’t be afraid to straighten out what’s fact and what’s pure impression as your planetary ruler, the sun, meets with Neptune, the planet of beliefs. The new moon in Pisces presents a wonderful opportunity for you to find trust and faith in other people’s ability to care for you. While you can’t see what other people have to offer, you can have some faith that they will support you as you support them.


These days you have much more time for other people and the joyful mess they bring into your life, thanks to Pisces season. The sun meets with Neptune in your house of relationships, bringing you clarity around things that were simply strong impressions. Maybe reality remains distorted as you navigate your beliefs of how things should be. You hope for something deeply enmeshed, but that leaves you vulnerable. The new moon presents the opportunity to hit a reset button on your relationships. Invite new attitudes into how you want to participate in team efforts. Venus meets with Neptune and you have tremendous faith in other people, and they believe in you, too.


You’re getting lost in your luxurious and chill lifestyle this Pisces season. As the sun meets with Neptune you have to get real about your beliefs at work. While you want your job to mean something, volunteering can’t always pay the bills. The new moon presents an opportunity to process your beliefs around work, to set new intentions with your daily tasks, and to take on a new habit. Prayer, meditation, or reflection should work its way into your daily routine. Your planetary ruler Venus meets with Neptune, and you’re under some sort of spell. Ritual is one of the most magically potent things you can perform, and it requires a daily practice! Invite the supernatural into the mundane.


There is plenty of love to share. Pisces season activates your chart’s sector related to pleasure, friendships, and creativity. As the sun meets with Neptune, divine inspiration strikes. This is a time for transcendental bonding and psychic connection. The new moon brings fresh perspectives to your closest relationships. Your relationship to your inner child or literal child is given a new start. Take time to play and laugh! You have no problem putting more faith into your romantic relationships and friendships. Venus meets with Neptune and your ability to connect to something supernaturally beautiful cannot be underestimated. Allow yourself to do something formless, abstract and artistic. Music sounds better, poetry reads smoother, and you’re simply vibing.


Connect with your roots, dear Sagittarius. This can be through caring for your current home or reflecting on past homesteads. The sun meets with Neptune in your house of family, bringing you clarity about how your beliefs were shaped by your childhood. Consider the beliefs and ideals that you inherited from your ancestry. The new moon brings fresh energy into your private life; this is an opportune time to energetically cleanse your living space, to clean and to visualize the type of home that you’d feel safest in. Fall in love with your bedroom and create a place where you can recharge and be in your domain.


You are reading, writing, and talking way more these days, thanks to Pisces season. The sun meets with Neptune in your house of communication, finding you coming up with imaginative ideas. You’re realizing things about your common beliefs. Is it a trend, or is it something that you really believe in in the long run? The new moon asks that you renew a contract, either unwritten or official, so that you can have better commitments. You are able to find inspiration in the mundane: Beauty at the grocery store graces your commute as Venus meets with dreamy Neptune. This bodes well for a love letter, too.


You have a lot of strong beliefs about money, sharing, and how to take care of the collective. The sun meets with Neptune, the planet of ideals, and you can find ways to make these dreams a reality. This can find you more sensitive to how much you have, and feeling the urge to share or let your money dissolve into the ether. The new moon in your house of personal finance gives you a fresh start to your attitudes toward money. This can be a good time to rethink financial goals, or to consider ways of wealth redistribution. Venus meets with Neptune and you’re deeply moved by art, objects, and material romance.


With your planetary ruler Neptune in your sign since 2012, things have been a little more dreamy than usual. The sun meets with Neptune this week, finding you getting greater clarity about your strong impressions and personal bias. You can overcome things that have been blurring your vision. The new moon in your sign gives you a fresh start in anything you want! This is about things that matter to you personally, not anyone else: Put yourself first and start something that can satisfy your immediate needs. Venus meets with Neptune and you can tap into something otherworldly, like an actress or a performance artist. This is a time when disguises or costumes can channel some universal truth.

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