Weekly Horoscope: November 8 – 14

Watch your tongue as Mercury, the planet of communication, meets with passionate Mars on Tuesday, November 9, at 7:56 AM. While this is a great aspect to think on your feet and come up with exciting ideas, it’s not the best time for putting things gently. Make sure you double check before sending any hasty, angry messages!

Mercury clashes with Saturn, which might be the bearer of bad news on Wednesday, November 10, at 12:04 PM. Thoughts can be our own worst enemy! This is a good moment to address your standards or voice your need for space or support. We’re fighting an uphill battle, but in the end things are implemented for the sake of sustainability. 

Also on Wednesday, action planet Mars clashes with Saturn at 6:13 PM, which can leave a bitter taste in our mouths. There’s pressure to act now, but the changes that are being asked of us take a lot effort! This is one of  the most challenging aspects of the year, but it can be a beneficial time for things that take a lot of focus, willpower, and dedication. Some things need to change in order to keep up the energy, but changing them is tricky and not without effort.

It can be hard to think big with a heavy mental atmosphere, but try to come up with some impossible ideas and then follow through. What are your wishes? And who is your fairy godparent? We can easily get whatever we ask for right now, if we can spin it correctly. The sun harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of illusions and beliefs, putting vaseline on the lens, so to speak. We can make a strong case for ourselves!

Surprising messages come as Mercury faces off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected on Saturday at 10:56 AM! While much of this week’s astrology is eager to plan and have structure, there are some things that throw us for a loop and give us more wiggle room and grace.

All times ET.


There can be some half-baked comments that spring from insecurity or uncertainty as Mercury, the planet of communication, meets your passionate planetary ruler Mars. If you’re feeling edgy or aggravated, it might be best to save the thoughts for yourself, and take a walk or shake your butt until your mind changes! Mars also clashes with Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations, which can bring some rainy weather to your picnic. You’ll need to have patience, focus, and determination to make it through the week! You have friends in high places who can help get you through any sticky situations. You are worthy of any help that you need, and you better believe that people love to be useful!


If there is anything that you have avoided talking about in your relationships, it’s coming up now! The planet of communication, Mercury, meets with Mars, which can have you or your partners (romantic or otherwise) keen to spill the beans. Mercury faces off with Uranus, so this news can come as a surprise to you, or you might be the one that surprises your partners! You need to control what you say in order to keep your composure, which takes a lot of effort when Mercury clashes with refined Saturn. There’s a lot of pressure from others to live up to what you think everyone’s expectations of you are, with Mars clashing with Saturn. Connecting with friends who share your beliefs can remedy the sting, since the sun connects with dreamy Neptune.


You are doing a lot just to live your lifestyle. While Geminis are flexible and down for whatever, they are pretty good at committing to routines when it comes to their health and job. Your planetary ruler Mercury meets Mars, which can find your mind moving a little too quickly with concerns about your lifestyle. Something pops up, surprisingly, as Mercury opposes Uranus, asking you to help out in a way that you didn’t realize you were suited for! You have responsibilities and the weight can be burdensome, especially if your beliefs or worldview are coming into question. You might have to make a slow, gradual change to your habits in order to fit an ideal vision of your life. It will be easier for some. At least you can become whoever your boss or your fans want you to be, as the sun harmonizes with Neptune.


Scorpio season brings sexuality and friendships to the foreground, but this week asks you to consider who and what you have time for! Action planet Mars clashes with Saturn, which can bring about questions of trust, boundaries, and commitments in your relationships. You’re addressing what you need in order to feel fully supported from your partners, romantic or otherwise. With Venus now in your chart’s house of relationships, where it will stay until March, you’re going to be considering the ways your partnerships do or do not reflect your personal values, and trying to get everyone on the same page! The sun harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, which helps soothe any painful or uncomfortable conversations that you may be having right now.


Your mind is preoccupied, if not hyper-focused on things that are happening in your home and family life as Mercury, the planet of the mind meets warrior Mars. There’s too much to think about, and too much uncertainty in the air. As Mercury faces off with Uranus, it’s not possible to plan for what you’re learning! Mercury and Mars also clash with Saturn, the planet of restrictions: The things that you want to take control of at home are being met with resistance by your partners. Something will need to change in order for you to not feel completely burnt out or helpless, but the pressure is on! Your planetary ruler, the sun, harmonizes with Neptune, encouraging forgiveness for whatever takes place.


Your mind is working overtime at the moment! Scorpio season illuminates your chart’s house of communication and thoughts, bringing a lot of chatter and busy work into your world. Your planetary ruler Mercury meets warrior Mars, which can make it feel like you’ve got a war in your mind—but this is good for quick inspiration. There is an understanding of your duties and how you can take baby steps toward addressing them. Strategizing is powerful as Mars clashes with Saturn. Mercury faces off with Uranus, leading to some exciting and unexpected discoveries. Just make sure you know when to turn off your phone and enter hermit mode.


There is an incredible amount of focus and determination when it comes to getting what you want. Whether that is more money, a cute purse, or more time for yourself, you’re on a war path to getting what you want as action planet Mars clashes with Saturn! This can be the will to fight for something that you feel is an expression of your personal autonomy, or an ability to have the freedom and space that you need in order to enjoy your life. You’re willing to fight for your right to party right now, even if things are taking impossibly long to develop. These long roads lead to your fortune so don’t give up! Ask a friend, or someone in the community, for their advice on how to make it happen.


It’s Scorpio season, but who could have guessed that your new year of life would be going this way? You have a lot of hot ideas and possibly a hotter temper as the planet of communication, Mercury, meets your planetary ruler, Mars. There can be some sadness or understanding of your own limits as Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries. Surprising news comes from your partners (romantic or otherwise) as Mercury faces off with Uranus. You’re being asked to slow down and have a lot of patience as Mars clashes with Saturn, the planet of time and limits. You might feel like you’re being stopped! Take this time to fantasize and enjoy the company of friends, lovers, and good art, as the sun harmonizes with dreamy Neptune.


Not everyone can understand or relate to what you’re going through right now. With a very spiritual and mysterious sector of your chart activated during Scorpio season, a lot of what you’re dealing with is best done alone. The experience leaves you wiser, nonetheless. There’s a lot happening in the corners of your mind. This is an opportune time to work through heavy mental obstacles, or at least name and identify them as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with serious Saturn. By imagining your family’s past, your childhood, or ancestry, you can tap into something spiritual, mystical, and enlightening as the sun harmonizes with dreamy Neptune.


You’re getting a better understanding of what you do and don’t have time for. You are strategizing your plans for your long-term goals and dreams, but don’t be so down on yourself. You of all signs know that good things take time. A heavy mental atmosphere is possible as the planet of the mind, Mercury, clashes with somber Saturn. Cheer up, Capricorn! Your worst is someone’s best. The planet of action, Mars, also clashes with Saturn, which can feel like a really giant speed bump. You have limited resources, whether they’re material or temporal! Time is limited, and so is your energy. You have to reorganize your priorities in order to make the most important thing happen. Or you can somehow find a way to compartmentalize and trim the fluff, so everything becomes streamlined!


The pressure is on! There are authorities that have a lot to say, and maybe you’re one of them, as messenger Mercury meets with action planet Mars. There are a lot of ideas about how you can fulfill your legacy and live up to your highest potential! Mercury also clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, which can feel like you need to take responsibility and meet the job description, whatever that may be. Mercury also faces off with Uranus, bringing some surprising news about your parents or home. Challenges arise as Mars clashes with Saturn, which can manifest as a conflict of interests. You’re being provoked, called to action, but are you feeling ready to rise to the occasion? You may be too cautious to dive in, but fair enough!


There can be some unforeseen delays or wrenches thrown into your school plans this week. Action planet Mars is being slowed down by Saturn, the planet of rules and boundaries. The astrological weather might not be the best for the thing that you have planned, but it can also come out in a way that you couldn’t have imagined! Mercury faces off with Uranus, the planet of surprises, and there is an element of unpredictability to your plans. At least you can have faith that everything is going to be alright. The sun harmonizes with your modern planetary ruler, Neptune, smoothing over any of the scratches that Mars left. You know what you need!

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