Weekly Horoscopes are back Instagram only All Water Signs 0712-1819This week water s…

Weekly Horoscopes are back! πŸ˜‡ (#Instagram only!) 🌊All Water Signs 🌊

This week water signs are asked to believe in themselves and their inner strength. All that they really want and needis in reach. Spirit is asking them to trust their intuition and believe in themselves.

Pisces β™“ -Love and friendship is hightened -Possible new career heights -Jealous or old lovers feeling bitter from afar

It’s possible things can really be aligning for you Pisces. There is a focus on love and friendships this week. And for some advancement in a current career or a launching of a new one. I see the possibility of you happily gaining abundance or making decisions this week that will lead to abundance.

There’s positive energy around your love life. There might be new love or reunion in the works. Others can expect harmony with friends and family. There’s a happy flowing energy around all of your relationships this week.

The only thing that can block you this week from harmony in love and career is your thoughts. If you can have some faith and conquer negative thoughts you increase your vibration and can get in alignment with these beautiful energies supporting you this week.

Cancer β™‹ -Moving away/shifting -Changes to place of residence,career or relationship -Changing one’s mind or seeing things clearly

You’re feeling indecisive this week. You can’t decide whether to stay in a situation or just move on. You’re feel very affected and weighed down by this. Constantly thinking about it is hurting you. You’re wise enough to weigh all the pros and cons. What you need to do this week is find your strength, and see what is best for you. I see you being brave and moving towards self help and healing. You’re going to finally begin making yourself a priority and reap the rewards of that decision. (Scorpio in comment section ⬇⬇⬇) #Pisces #Scorpio #Cancer #horoscope #horoscopes #weekly #weeklyhoroscope #zodiac #zodiacsigns #psychic #psychicreading #psychicservices

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