Weekly Horoscopes for Earth Signs 0802-080819 Earth SignsTaurus, Virgo and Capricorn Inte…

💫Weekly Horoscopes for Earth Signs 08/02-08/08/19💫 🌍Earth Signs🌍

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:
Internal conflict seems to come up this week. This might also be conflict at home or to do with work. You’re filled with a lot of self doubt this week. You feel stuck in the midst of the conflict you face. You may be retreating this week and decide to keep to yourself. You will regain your confidence and trust yourself to find solutions. The answers to your problems will be a lot clearer after some time alone and reflection. 💫Just Taurus💫
This week you are clearly striving for balance with work and home. You want to be financially secure but also want to be there for your loved ones this week. Trust in your ability to achieve a great work and home balance. 💕Focus on Love for Taurus💕: The Divine has given you a special connection. You and this person have the support of the universe. Don’t miss out on this super special connection in your life. This is a supportive love who will be there for you completely. 💫Just Virgo💫
This week you feel motivated to go after something you want. This is a week where you are saving more money and looking for ways to make more money at the same time. Be confident and know you are more than able to obtain the security you are looking for. 💕Virgo with Love This Week💕: There’s a lot of positivity regarding love this week. Continue to focus on other important things in your life this week. You will be surprised when a special love interest approaches you. Continue to embody your best self so your divine counter part can easily find you. (Capricorn in the comments below 🔽🔽🔽) #horoscopes #weekly #astrology #zodiac #taurus #virgo #capricorn #psychic #psychicreading #psychicservices #friday #tgif #love #lovereading #relationships #life #lifeadvice #cecerosepetals

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