Weekly Tarot ForecastHello my hoots and hootlets, I hope we are all having a wonderful week. Iv…

Weekly Tarot Forecast!

Hello my hoots and hootlets, I hope we are all having a wonderful week. I’ve have – I’ve got a better handle on things I’ll have posting back to normal.

Focus: Fool reversed.
Practice caution as we ease back into feeling like ourselves. Mercury goes direct today, ending this taxing retrograde. With Leo retrograde filling our sails can it would be easy to get ahead of ourselves and bite off more than we can check. Tack inventory of where your energies are at and how you can tend to your needs before you take this next step.

Challenges ahead: The Hermit.
It won’t be easy to shift ourselves out of the heavy Hermit energy we’ve been feeling. With last week’s focus pushing us inwards and towards seclusion we have slowed ourselves down. It’s time to pick ourselves back up and spend some time with our people.

Opportunity for growth: The Empress.
Half the battle of Leo season is learning to accept the love and generosity coming our way. Give yourself the permission to accept support when it is being offered and soak in peace when in it is available. This is an Empress year so this is a theme we are facing a lot this year.

What to leave behind: Four of Pentacles reversed.
Allowing ourselves to get caught up and mired down by our past. We aren’t in Cancer season anymore. The time to worry and doubt ourselves is over. Take risks, have fun, and stay present in the moment. Anytime we are in a fire sign season I channel the mantra “be where your feet are”.

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