WeeklyReading October 14-20, 2019THE VEIL.Its SO INTERESTING how this card came up during our w…

#WeeklyReading October 14-20, 2019
Its SO INTERESTING how this card turned up during our week speaking about the Third Eye Chakra! This chakra is everything about seeing things as they actually are, and connecting your outer world with your inner world! Sometimes we utilize a “veil” to shield our mushy insides from the severe reality of the outside. The only issue with this, is that by doing so, we arent letting the great things in, either! Inspect to see whether youre using a veil, and if so, try opening to a confidante. Revealing your own vulnerability might be scary, however it is what brings us closer to people, in an extremely meaningful method

This card might also be showing that we are not seeing things from all angles – another Third Chakra connection! Do a self-check to make sure you are taking a look at all sides of a scenario. Try seeing things from their point of view to acquire a little clarity if youre having an argument with somebody. Try looking at it from other angles and possibly you will see a new way to fix it if youre feeling stuck with a problem
This month Im intuitively drawing cards from The Halloween Oracle: Lifting the Veil between the Worlds Every Night
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