Welcome Back Mercury Rx, missed you soooo much. Mars moves into Capricorn.Today Mercury stati…

Invite Back Mercury Rx, missed you soooo much. Mars moves into Capricorn ♑
Today Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces. When Mercury stations it is totally in its archetype and extremely powerful, however for the next three weeks, he will be treading water in Pisces making for a lot of confusion. You will require to trust your impulses. Mercury will be retrograde up until 3/9

This is the ideal energy for you to review any creative tasks or undertakings that you put away for safekeeping, since you didnt have the time, or you ignored them
Mars will move into Capricorn today where he is exalted. Mars likes to kick some ass and take some names, however with Mercury Rx it might get discouraging for Mars.
See and look where Capricorn falls in your chart. What home? This will tell you the location of life where you are going to take one step forward and three actions back for the next three weeks. However, when Mercury goes direct on 3/9 you will be able to put the pedal to the metal and remove. #foxyastrology #feelingfoxyafter 40 #astrology #astrologymemes #astrologyposts #zodiacsigns #zodiacmemes #dailyhoroscope #horoscope #astrologer #mercuryretrograde #pisces #mars #capricorn #intution #yoga #stars.

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