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well hello S A T U R D A Y! ATTENTION! Today we have our FIRST 11 day of the year! So do know, this is our most rare day ever. And people think 11 is something very light but it is actually something equal doses of light and dark. So when you are born on the 11 or have the 11 path, your life is not that easy because you travel the dark to find the light, and you shift from one thing to another in life so as to gain a new full on view. Like, it would be hard to be a recovery coach if you never abused alcohol, right? So with the 11 we really get to know all the sides, but from that act, we gain a more powerful role in life. . The BIG PART of the 11 day is that the veils are at their thinnest. It’s like spirits and people past have greater access to reaching US because something in this day brings us closer to awareness of the mystery and our vast universe and so much more than we think we know about how big things are. WE expand on this day, possibly even with disbelief but we will open and see into what before we could not see. Expect to “feel” animals or your father or your grandmother. They are swooping in for a visit! . Now the only thing about this day that we have to make important is that the light AND the dark are magnetized to your world today. And for that reason we want you to start the day defining your space and declaring that only light reach your side on this gateway opening of a day. It’s just best to make it known that with this energy you are choosing to be touched by things light. Set the flow by setting the intention that only magic, wonder, and sweet insights come from what touches into your space today. It’s super simple to do – but it’s a must on this day! . Today we are building into a MAGNIFICENT Solar Eclipse on Tuesday. And our feet are grounded into seeing what we need to see and also working our gardens and walking around the perimeter and really thinking about what we want to grow and what it’s going to take to reap the most abundant benefits. . If you are in a creative project, you are going about it in a new way. There is no.. . . . CONTD in comments. #moonlover #astrology #moonvibes #aquariusnation #kerryannavanzo #astrologer