Were certainly unwilling to look at issues today. Thats okay, these days happen. We get so overwhe…

Were definitely unwilling to take a look at concerns today. Thats okay, these days happen. We get so overwhelmed with things seemingly failing that it seems like its one thing after another. Therefore much like an ostrich in worry, we shove our heads in the dirt and pretend like its not there, hoping it will disappear. When I reach my limitation or when days like this happen is to commit to solitude and work through each thing one at a time, I find the best thing to do. You can discover your rhythm and pace to overcoming this thing, whatever it is that may be feeling like a block in your heart. When you need to have a response or when these problems will be resolved, be patient with yourself and do not leave expectations on your back as to. Youre doing the best you can with what youve got.

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