What do you know about the 347 life path

Hey guys. My birthday is 1+11+22 which makes me a 34 life path 7.

I understand that double digits making up the single digit are significant influences on the specific life path.

Here’s what I know about my life path so far and may you please add in things that I don’t know? I’ve got most of this from a book called The Life You Were Born to Live.

– Main life purpose is to work on trusting the spiritual path of ones own life course
– Also work on patience, emotional expression and trusting others
– Must follow a step by step process to self discovery (influence of 4)
– 7 being ethereal and spiritual blends with 4 being practical and grounded, resulting in a person who is here to bridge the two worlds
– Powerful, sensitive and insightful
– 3 indicates a drive for expression
– skipping steps along the way sends one back into self doubt and indecisiveness
– does not fully trust their feelings
– Freethinkers, benefit from meditation, commitment to inner growth, commitment to trust the process, feeling directly connected to spirit even while performing practical tasks
– desires to go inward, away from material world (7) but experiences conflicting desire to go outward (4)
– life tips: trust the process of your life; remember you are absolutely safe; develop expression step by step; share your innermost feelings

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