What Each Planet Does to Your Sun

Some things before I start:

Not only does the Sun represent your personality, but it also represents father figures, fatherhood, masculinity, physical and emotional health and vitality, physical appearance to a degree, and your creativity (or lack thereof.)

Mercury can only conjunct the Sun. It can’t be sextile, trine, square, or opposite.

The influence of the sun and the respective planets aspecting it is a factor when describing the aspects between them. If your Sun isn’t that powerful, and your moon isn’t either, then the description for the Sun-Moon native is probably not going to be accurate.

With that being said, in most cases, the Sun is easily the most influential planet in astrology when it comes to your innate personality. If you’re not at least a little like your Sun sign, you are a rare case.

Conjunctions can either be an easy aspect or a hard aspect because they are the purest blend of both planets. They take in both the negative and the positive traits of both planets and mix them together. It’s up to the native to work hard on themselves and make it a soft aspect.

While most of us express our Sun sign’s traits to a certain extent, the men have an easier time doing it, along with their Mars sign’s traits. Women have an easier time expressing their Moon and Venus signs.

I like to add my opinions here and there to make it more fun to write for me so don’t take it personally if you don’t like what I say.

Sun-Moon adds a lot of emotions to your personality. Soft aspects (trine, sextile, potentially conjunctions) make you more in touch with your emotions, whereas Hard aspects (square, opposition, potentially conjunction) make you hate and try, but fail miserably, to reject these emotions, resulting in more negative emotions. The good aspects can also mean a good relationship between the parents, while the bad aspects mean there could be a rocky relationship. Sun-Moon natives’ health could be dependent on their moods. The female native could possibly be seen as somewhat fatherly because they can express their moon sign a lot more easily than other women without this aspect, making them seem more initiating. The male native can have some motherly traits. Sun-Moon natives are family-oriented. They love their Moms more than anyone else. The father figure was possibly a Cancer or had some of the Moon’s influence in his chart. The father figure was perhaps the native’s mother too. The father figure nurtured the native and attended to the natives feelings. The father figure probably stayed at home and cooked and cleaned.

Sun conjunct Mercury adds some intellect to the personality. these natives are expressive, clear thinker-types who are amazing story tellers. They love to talk. Perhaps a bit too much. They also like to study and make good critics. They have some anxiety. The body has the jitters. They need their brain stimulated constantly. The father figure might’ve been a Gemini or Virgo, or had a lot of Mercury’s influence in their chart. The father figure probably talked to the native a lot and played mentally stimulating games with the native like chess.

Sun-Venus beautifies the native in multiple ways. No matter the aspect, these natives have a certain level of elegance to them. The natives with the soft aspects are charming, friendly, quietly confident and content with themselves. The men are in touch with their feminine side. In some cases, the men could be openly gay. The women could be girly girls. The hard aspects make the native unaware or insecure of their beauty. They can be charming on the outside, but on the inside they could be struggling with themselves. They probably do a lot just to fit in, compromising themselves in the process. Hard aspect or soft though, Sun-Venus natives can be shallow, gossipy, lazy, and vain. They can be very good looking and/or have a great fashion sense. They like being in relationships. They don’t like to argue. The health is good and they’ll probably remain young-looking in later years. They might workout to enhance their looks. The father-figure was a Libra/Taurus or had a lot of Venus’ influence in his chart. The father-figure could’ve been feminine or could’ve had a good fashion sense. The father figure might’ve been rich or bought nice things. The father figure probably treated the native more like a friend than a child.

Sun-Mars makes the native more virile, masculine, and passionate. Since the Sun already rules masculinity and vitality, when it blends with Mars, the planet of raw masculinity and testosterone, it makes a VERY powerful combo and one of my favorites. Along with that, Mars also rules vitality and energy, so these natives are all over the place, regardless of whether they have a hard or soft aspect. Soft aspects, however, give the native focus and that aggression and energy is spent on trying to win at life. However, they still are confrontational and will not let anything stand in their way when it comes to doing what they want to do. People like them because they let their actions speak for themselves. They don’t need to prove anything to anyone because they know they’re awesome. They’re just more confident than the natives with hard aspects. Those natives are more insecure with themselves and their ambitions align with proving people wrong instead of trying to succeed for themselves. They get into petty fights and probably have anger issues. They won’t ever let anyone win at ANY argument, and in doing so, they push people away from them as a result. Sun-Mars natives are ambitious, confrontational, outspoken, and individualistic. They’re also rebellious, violent, anti social, selfish, and just plain rude. Interestingly, in some cases, these people have a childlike charm to them due to how oblivious they can be to other people and social constructs. They’re very self-oriented, like a baby. People either love them or hate them. These natives are very healthy, and most likely muscular. They NEED to workout because of all of that natural energy they have. The men are of the most masculine natives in astrology. (Sun-Saturn and Sun-Pluto natives are up there too) Macho men in every sense and they probably revere the idea of them being feminine. The women are Tom boys who love to hang out with guys too. Could be lesbian and have a muscular body. The father figure was an Aries/Scorpio or have heavy Mars energy in their chart. The father figure probably shouted a lot which had either a positive or negative effect on the native. The father figure was probably into working out a lot and loved sports and cars. The father figure was either selfish or tried to get too involved with the native’s life. The father figure acted childish at times. The father figure was probably in the military.

Sun-Jupiter is also a very powerful blend of planets AND one of my favorites as well. These people are the funniest bunch in the zodiac. The Sun rules creativity and individuality, Jupiter rules morality and principles amongst other things. What you get is a person who can be honest in the most creative way. This blend makes you a very lucky, fortunate person who can be extremely optimistic. With the soft aspects, it’s like blessings keep falling on your lap without you really doing anything. So naturally, you’re very optimistic, but you also are aware of these blessings, making you a grateful person. People love you and you inspire others. You are like a spiritual guru and you have an AMAZING sense of humor. You are probably very religious or spiritual. These natives are very charitable and they believe in the good of people, while people believe in the good of the native. This results in the native’s world literally being as good as he/she believes it to be. Seriously, Sun trine/sextile/conj Jupiter is the best aspect to have! Sun in hard aspect to Jupiter results in the native being wasteful and over indulgent. These natives rely on the good of others to help get them out of situations their wasteful, negligent behavior has put them in. The funny thing is that it always works! Despite these ppls behavior, they face light consequences time and time again, resulting in them not caring about their actions much. They are generous, overly so, and can be so optimistic that they end up falling into a depression when that optimism inevitably dies down. Sun-Jupiter natives are lucky, spiritual, enthusiastic, honest, funny, jolly, and charitable. They can also be selfish, addicts, and overconfident. No matter what though, they are BLESSED! Both the men and the women can be promiscuous, but they are not players. The health is very good, but due to their addictive nature, they need to watch their weight and stay away from drugs and alcohol. The bodies may have a natural bigness to them. Could be plump. The father figure could’ve been a Sagittarius/Pisces, or Jupiter had a lot of influence in the chart. The father figure was probably real funny and/or religious and gave the native a blessed childhood.

Sun-Saturn natives are responsible, cautious, and mature. Saturn rules authority and discipline amongst other things, and Sun represents authority and fatherhood. So what you get is a very fatherly, orderly commander who probably does not tolerate “misbehavior” from others. Even the soft aspects, which are amongst my favorite aspects, give the native a tenseness about them. They feel they need to carry themselves a certain way that shows they have respect for themselves and they hate when others are disorderly. They respect others and have good manners, while being highly ambitious and disciplined. They are patient and will do their research before trying something out. They probably make enemies easily due to their naturally commanding vibes. They could make outstanding fathers who raise amazing kids. The natives with the hard aspects (My least favorite) doubt themselves frequently because they set the bar so high. They try to control things and people they can’t control which leaves them feeling like a failure. They long for recognition but don’t like to be in the spotlight. They have big plans that keep getting pushed back. They’re insecure with themselves and not all that confident. The Sun rules manhood, which naturally teaches you about life, and Saturn rules learning lessons, so this blend can make the native feel like they are failing again and again. Sun-Saturn natives are sober, mature for their age in youth, sarcastic, hard-working, commanding, cruel, emotionless, and ambitious. These traits manifest in men very easily and can make the men appear very masculine. The women can be like this too, and many are put off by her because of it. She can also cruelly judge a man and possibly has strict rules when it comes to finding one to date. (Makes them finer imo lol) The health of Sun-Saturn natives is either really bad or really good because the native will either give in to their cynicism and give up on themselves or they will get ambitious work hard to “achieve” good health. The men can get muscular to add to their commanding aura. The women dress conservatively and with care. The father figure could’ve been a Capricorn/Aquarius. The father figure was emotionally distant but was there for the native. The native may think the father figure was only present out of obligation and duty instead of love. The father figure was conservative and probably taught the male native how to “be a man” and taught the female “how to be a woman.” The native has never seen the father figure show a lot of emotion. The father figure was probably in the military or in a position of authority somewhere.

Sun-Uranus adds a rebellious and eccentric edge to the personality. These natives are open and are extremely individualistic. The soft aspects grant the native with popularity from society despite them being unapologetically themselves. The main reason for this is because they accept people for who they are and they don’t judge others no matter if they’re Democrat, republican, atheist, Christian, etc. as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you’re cool in the native’s book. Most people are astonished and intrigued by this, so they end up having a lot of friends from a lot of different places. They treat everyone equally even if someone’s ideologies conflict with the native’s. They have a unique, weird personality that everyone finds funny and endearing. They actually like delving into the how and what of people’s differing philosophies to understand them better. Just don’t compromise their freedom. Hard aspected natives are rebellious and try too hard to be different because they don’t like anything mainstream. The sole reason of this is because they want to feel different so bad that they distance themselves away from anything that’s popular or well liked. Those guys with the fedoras probably are the hard aspected natives. These people fail to see that everyone and everything is at least a little different. Sun-Uranus natives can be friendly but distant, ditzy yet astonishingly brilliant, experimental, and logical. The women could be a Tom boy, or very “chill” when compared to other women. The father figure might’ve been an Aquarius. The father figure could’ve been involved in science or philosophy. The father figure was distant, but oddly gave the child enough attention. The father figure promoted freedom of speech in the household. The father figure was probably cool af.

Sun-Neptune natives are imaginative, soft-willed, and very artistic. These natives are a quiet bunch who often day dream and have what if conversations a lot. Softer aspects are extremely sensitive and feel for others. They also have an uncanny bond with animals. They have an extreme appreciation for anything artsy. Music, writing, movies, they are big fans of all of those things. They are also very spiritual, to the point where they think everyone is as spiritual as them, which is not the case. They rarely stand up for themselves, but they feel they don’t need to. It is what it is, they’ll say. They are introverts in every sense but don’t mind others’ company. The harder aspects give the native addictive tendencies. They are or were probably drug addicts. There is a separation between their world and the real world. They need to separate the two because the real world is too much for them. They can be easily taken advantage of and are extremely gullible because of their sensitivity for others. Their identity is changeable. Overall, Sun-Neptune natives are socially adaptable, introverted, go with the flow type people who just want to chill. The health is probably bad; Neptune’s energy weakens the Sun’s, resulting in a person with a weak vitality. The men may be either lanky or overweight. The women may be the same. In some cases however, the excess weight can be distributed very pleasingly and the women can be curvy, voluptuous and plump. They need to stay away from drugs and alcohol and build their own world in a gym or some place outside. On the positive Sun-Neptune natives can also be into yoga, fishing and other peaceful physical activity. They love being near the water. The father figure was probably a Pisces or had a lot of Neptune/Jupiter in his chart. The father figure probably wasn’t there at all. The father figure may have been a drug addict. The father figure may have been distant and in their own world. The father figure probably encouraged the native’s imaginative habits. The father figure was probably submissive to the mother figure. The native probably has a delusional or exaggerated image of the father figure.

Sun-Pluto natives are intense. The native’s sun sign’s traits are intensified and are touched by Pluto. So, if your Sun sign is in a intense sign (Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn) this will just make you extremely intense, to the point where people may be intimidated by or scared of you. Aries (Mars, rules conflict) and Scorpio especially. Even in the soft aspects with the less intense signs, there’s still something very intense about the native. The sun rules authority, Pluto rules power. What you get is a very commanding person even with the softer aspects. The softer aspect blesses the native with power, and an innate understanding of human nature. The native can feel as though, after a depressing and humbling experience, he has ascended pass the frivolity of society. The native goes through multiple personality changes throughout their life. The native isn’t necessarily friendly, but is cordial and accepts people for what they are. They are quietly confident and quick to stand up for themselves when they feel they’ve been wronged. They’re not confrontational, but they are defensive. Before they get the things they want, they must have the power to do so, and they know that. They’ll never put themselves in a position where their self respect, ego, and pride is dependent upon another person. They may not agree with people, but they easily understand them. They see the worst of society and still can understand that monsters aren’t born, they’re made. What has happened to make that person a murderer can easily happen to the next. The hard aspects give the native more cruelty in dealing with others. They are forceful and argumentative. They are insecure and tend to bring out other’s insecurities too, intentionally or not. They have a contempt for society. They fear looking vulnerable and may take advantage of others’. They dread the transformative experiences they go through. They are paranoid. This paranoia can end up being the source of a mental illness that might formulate. Sun-Pluto natives are intense, anti social, calm on the outside, crazy on the inside, callous, and brutally honest with a yearn to show humanity that we all have a bad side. Hard or soft aspected, these people believe that humans are too censored nowadays and have few friends due to that belief. They probably have a cruel sense of humor. People either love or hate them, and they’re aware of that. They don’t like public events because everyone there is “fake”. The health for these natives is extremely good. They break down their bodies and build them back up through weight lifting. They have a high pain tolerance and the body heals from injuries quickly. The sexual vitality is very strong and they need an outlet, especially when the Sun sign is in Aries or Scorpio. Despite this, they’re not players and will hold back until someone that means something to them comes along. The men can be lean and muscular and the women can be toned and strong. Probably tattoos. The father figure was cruel, powerful, and obsessed with the native. The father figure was probably a Scorpio or had Pluto’s influence. The father figure was probably abusive, or forced the native to transform in some way. The father figure was manipulative but loving. The father figure would not hesitate to kill for the native. The father figure probably had a lot of intimate relationships. The father figure was crazy over the native.

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