What has happened to you during this mercury retrograde

Thank God we’re more than half way through this retrograde, so many freaky things have happened to me since it all started on the 7th. Putting aside things like traffic delays and congestions. Here are a few things that have happened to me during this retrograde which I’m feeling more so than the last one in March.

1. Phone calls being low quality / service outage. Literally never happened before.
2. Work internet being on/off unreliable. (again never happened before)
3. Power bar at work blew out.
4. The Nespresso machine perished.
5. My MacBook screen blinked on/off.
6. I lost my wallet. (First time in my life)

All since the 7th. I should just take a vacation or something until the 31st. It has been rough.

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