What I realized while self-studying Astrology for a year

What I realized after a year is that Ive been more open-minded and understanding of peoples issues. Ive also been checking out brand-new methods to transform myself much better because I remained in an immature phase of Scorpio. I believe Im in the Eagle stage now.
I recognized that Im ending up being better at predicting individualss “moon indication,” which I discover weird due to the fact that arent we expect to be able to anticipate a sun or a rising initially than the moon indication??

I know I should go to an Astrology class/es, however Im a full-time trainee in the healthcare field. I want we have electives for Astrology in school … But we do not, so I simply checked out Astrology books, listen to podcasts, or view some Youtube about it.

Anyway, I do not have any regrets about discovering Astrology. I always have that sensation that Astrology is more than just the sun indication. Im delighted I tune into my instinct to research more about it.

1. What do you people realize or find out when you were studying/reading Astrology?

2. Any books, podcasts, or links that you advise for me?

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