Whats Aquarius doing in your chart Are you feeling its effects

With the Great Conjunction in Aquarius and with all the Aquarius activity next year, is it already showing up in your life? What house does Aquarius rule in your chart and do you have any placements in Aquarius?

I realised just recently that a) I was diagnosed with covid just two days before Saturn entered Aquarius and b) I’ve been considering applying for temporary disability benefits for most of next year as my small business took a harsh turn this year and my mental health has been suffering for it greatly, making me even less able to work full time than I was before 😫

I have no placements in Aquarius, but it does rule – surprise surprise! – my 6th house – duh! 😂 (Uranus in Sag, Saturn in Cap) So I’m definitely feeling like my idea of applying for benefits and working on my health first and foremost next year is a great one! 🤞

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