Why the 12th house isnt really all doom and gloom.

The 12th house is considered to be among the worst houses in the zodiac and when you look around on the internet, there isn’t really a lot of good coming out about it. Hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, social isolation, and such. The house of limiting beliefs and the house of self-undoing is the 12th house.

After examining some charts and knowing some people over the years who had the stellium in the house, I started to notice that maybe it is not really the terrible house others claim it to be. Then I started to wonder why it was seen as a bad house in the first place.

**You see, astrology is old, like really really old.**

Things were *different* back then. Back thousands of years ago, you were to go out and hunt. You were asked to be aggressive, a warrior, lift up your sword, and fight with full courage. The times rewarded direct action without that much thought really put into it. Back then, it was more about going after it and getting after it, no one really paid you to think.

As you can see, the reclusive 12th house individual would be in a bad spot there because you had to fit in tightly with society norms. The 12th house meant that you could not deviate much from what society thought or it could have meant exile or death. By not fitting in and by not taking action, you were doing yourself an injustice, it was the house of self-undoing.

Then society evolved, like in a big big way. You had to practice diplomacy and actually put thought into your actions. Then you had to learn to operate in a more civilized society so it actually started to benefit you to not act blindly.

**Now going to the nature of the 12th house.**

The 12th house is the isolated house which rules the subconscious mind and dreams. Among astrologers, it had the reputation of being one of the worst houses because of the unseen and darkness it brings. Limitations, the hidden enemy, and all of this rule the 12th house. It is the place where a planet does not function like it naturally should but instead has to go through trials and tribulations in order to function well. What you learn and take away from those trials are going to put you in a unique spot.

It is the road less traveled. Where one who has a full 1st house can *naturally* be and naturally come into things like confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance; the 12th house person has to ask why and find that answer as a result of soul searching.

**But therein lies the actual gift of the 12th house and things I have noticed among people that had it.**

The 12th house native as a result, knows more and has a full view of a given planet’s shadowy and light side.

While a 1st house sun can just naturally be confident, they cannot explain why they are that way or really even know the given sun that well. For them, the sun is *there*, it is like an acquaintance. The relationship is very surface level and not really a deep friendship with the sun.

For the 12th house individual, the sun (or any planet really) is not a natural friend at first, there is friction. Now it can be a life-long enemy if the 12th house individual does not put in the work but most of the times, it calls to put in the work. The individual must confront these planets and see their negative and positive traits, something other houses are not put in the position to see.

By knowing these traits inside and out, this individual can do unique things like teaching others to be more confident. A naturally confident person cannot do that, someone who has gained confidence through trial and error can.

The 12th house puts the individual in a position where they must confront the shadowy side of life and a given planet on top of seeing the good things about it.

**Yet an even bigger gift of the 12th house? They are really good at seeing things developing before others can, almost psychic in a way.**

When the masses think a certain way, sometimes they are wrong.

A 12th house person could have predicted a couple years ago that work from home is going to be a thing. Now? It has become somewhat the norm in most places.

A 12th house person could have predicted that society was going to be restless and there will be tensions due to race and politics. Now? We are at that point.

The masses can be naive, too caught up in their own careless lives of just going with the flow and not thinking too much. A 12th house individual has both a gift and a curse of not being able to do that, they must sit back and observe.

Their very unique nature of being on the outside looking in can actually put them in situations where they see things others just can’t.

A normal naive person might say things like “oh yeah racism? That’s for the very few bad people in society, racists aren’t a problem bro”. A 12th house person will say “racism is a huge problem and it is going to get worse”.

In the way a 12th house person can see the worst of the planets, they can also see the worst others are capable of.

**Due to this gift, I actually see them staying out of trouble a lot, ironically.**

They say the 12th house rules hospitals and prisons, I think it may mean they work there.

I notice a lot of times they actually refrain from acting impulsively and can spot really quick what people will get them into trouble in their lives. Now compare this to someone with a strong 1st house who is very impulsive and will land themselves in trouble because of it.

A 12th house person may miss out on some fun but they tend to keep a clean record as a whole because of their ability to see the entire situation at hand instead of acting right away.

I’d say in truth, a 12th house person is wise beyond their years, they have to make sacrifices in life very early which can put them on a better path in the future.

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