William Lilly in 1647 wrote in his Christian Astrology, volume 3, about judging nativities, that the…

William Lilly in 1647 composed in his Christian Astrology, volume 3, about judging nativities, that the Nativity of a state or nation supersedes the expression of the nativity of a person living because location.
I had concerned this exact same conclusion in my intelligence short written for the CIA numerous years before I read that book (see my previous posts to check out the public edition of this quick). Essentially, the awareness and technological tools of a nation or any bigger scale entity can sublimate and modify the astrological expression of a smaller sized scale entity. This in theory indicates that a terrorist can be blocked from setting off a dynamite in a shopping center, and a mad, isolated teenager can be blocked from being able to massacre his schoolmates at school, by federal government astrologically tracking these EVENTS and preempting them.
Minority Report, using computers and big data, rather of the squishy psychism.
In this post, however, we are talking about Alfred Witte (VEE-tay). Witte, as a real giant of astrology, was really much mindful of the time of his death, and its situations. However he eliminated himself anyway.
This implies that the constellation of astrological aspects and placements in the arc-directing and transiting chart, might not be resistable by an individual unless there are elements in that chart that mitigate– permit an escape from– the undesirable symptom of the portended occasion WITHOUT the disturbance of a bigger scale entity: the nation he was placed in at that time.
You readers can see what Im trying to do: I am trying really hard to discover, clarify and have implemented a way to put an end to large scale national disasters.
Bluntly: I wish to STOP teenagers from getting shot to death at school, STOP WMDs from ruining the lives of innocents, STOP mass murders.
And, in a minimum of many cases, I believe this is possible.
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