Wishing everyone a delightful holiday Heres your astrological weather report for Thanksgiving day…

Wanting everyone a wonderful vacation! Heres your astrological weather forecast for Thanksgiving day:

Thanksgiving Day will be blessed with Moon getting in touch with extensive Jupiter and daring Venus!

In the wee hours of the morning through early afternoon (PDT) you will have a lots of energy and the positive vibrations emanating from Moon meeting happy Jupiter and socially oriented Venus will be in complete support of gatherings with family and friends.
Moon moving through Mula nakshatra until about 6pm PDT is particularly great for working with any type of root (Mula indicates root)– so use of recovery roots such as turmeric or cooking with root veggies like sweet potatoes and freshly roasted beets can be extra healing tomorrow!

Have a wonder-filled vacation! ⭐..
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This is likewise a wonderful time to get in touch with our familial roots. Either by hanging out with family or by taking time to stop and honor our forefathers.

As the day moves into night, the energy will slow down and be encouraging for some alone time decompressing after the festivities as delicate Moon gets in touch with detached Ketu around 8pm PDT.
On Friday, prepare for a long time to get restructured and attend to your obligations as Moon drifts towards accountable and serious Saturn throughout the day until just after 1pm PDT.
Friday afternoon and evening will feel a lot more festive given that Moon will be retreating from the much heavier energy of Saturn.

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