Wow these cards. So in alignment with my last few readings..When we are being faced with life tra…

Wow these cards. In alignment with my last couple of readings
… When we are being faced with life transforming situations, it can feel like your old self is dead. It can feel like your new you has actually been born again
… The guidance in all of this can come from messages from spirit. Do not just say oh its 11:11 or i simply saw a plume, all of an unexpected this happenend etc, but stop, pauze, and actually connect to your greater self, to hear, feel and process what youre experiencing
… Every cycle has a beginning and an end. , if you dont disrupt the natural circulation of life this is a continuous process.. Due to the fact that of you being stabilized, perhaps even developed, this wont feel like an end or start however the circle will just continue seemless
… Especially when being on a spiritual journey it can feel like its a constant battle in between Birth, death and rebirth. However all those circumstances, dark nights of the soul etc are there to help you evolve to a next level/stage in your awakening process
… Be in alignment with what it is that you truly desire. You cant say i wish this or that would occur and in the same breath say, however it will never ever happen! That is confusing energy. If you dont believe it yourself, how on earth will deep space, god, your spirits know that you suggest business … Ive pulled a postcard from spirit. Read that and let it sink in … Love and Light, Natasja … #tarot #tarotcards #tarottribe #tarotreadersofinstagram #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #alignment #higherself #raiseyourvibration #higherconsciousness #spiritualcoach #selflove #selfworth #divine #universe #spirituality #tarotdaily #keepitrealfullcircle.

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