You As A Fantasy Creature Based On Your SMR

Saw @littledarkfairywitch on Tumblr post this meme and I thought this sub would discover it cool

** Scorpio **.

Moon: Can shoot energy arrows or spears, light control, or power dive (can jump as high as 50ft off the ground).

Sun: Hands can morph into crab claws (color identified by rising), skin glitters when exposed to moonlight, all of them are empaths.

** Sagittarius **.

Rising: color pattern is yellow and green, eyes can be either color, hair is either brown or black base with any second color, physique differs however all have longer than typical fingers.

** Leo **.

So considering that my S/M/R is Aries/Sagittarius/Sagittarius, I would have ram horns, strong bones and a strong forehead, light manipulation, energy arrows or spears or a power jump (if I had to select one, I d opt for the light adjustment as the second is simply an application of it and jumping high buildings in a single bound is bad for the acrophobic), and an orange and brown color pattern with orange eyes and filthy blonde hair and I d likewise be a quick runner because Im short.

Sun: Goat horns legs and hooves, quite much satyrs.

Increasing: Brown and black color pattern, eyes are any shade of brown, hair is black but can have any secondary color, typically typical height and have a very fit body but that differs, they throw some of the hardest punches.

Sun: Can switch from biped to centaur and back, keeps their tail in any form, hair grows long and quick.

Moon: Ice manipulation, telepathy, or momentarily sluggish time.

Moon: Water manipulation, aura manipulation, or invisibility.

Sun: Second set of arms, eyes can zoom in and out of long far-off range, and have a much simpler time finding out other languages than others.

Sun: Large feathered wings (color determined by rising), they look human otherwise.

Rising: Red and orange color design, hair typically curly however can be any “natural” color, eyes are either a warm red or an intense orange, most are typical height or smaller.

Moon: Plant adjustment, siren song, or sonic scream (not explosive however can stun any living being in its range and break close sufficient things).

** Aquarius **.

Increasing: Color plan is light blue and yellow, eyes can be either color, hair can be any “abnormal” color, physique varies but they have long legs proportionate to their height.

** Virgo **.

Moon: Portal creation, telekinesis, or toxin manipulation.

Increasing: Green and pink color design, eyes are yellow or either pink, hair is either white, brown, or pink, are frequently tall with wide hips despite gender.

Moon: Lunar capabilities (produce and shoot lunar beams, control tides; however this can only be accessed during the night), psychic absorption (can take in and use one power at a time, this just tires the victim), or producing force fields.

Increasing: Silver and shades of blue color pattern, eyes can be either color and are extremely shiny, hair is either black or blue, tend to be brief.

Rising: Electric blue and black, eyes are any shade of blue, hair can be any intense “abnormal” color, often high however physique differs.

Sun: Feline like dogs, nails are strong and long like claws, skin flashes when exposed to sunshine.

Rising: Brown and green color design, eyes might be either color, hair normally black and typically thick, green, or brown, frequently either chubby or husky physique (some basically thick than others).

Increasing: Gold and red color design, eyes are frequently gold, hair practically always big no mater the length, can be any “natural” color, either truly tall or really brief.

Sun: Bull horns no matter gender, big hands in proportion to their bodies, and stomachs and body immune system enable them to consume anything without damage.

Sun: Ram horns regardless of gender, strong foreheads, and bones are more powerful than average because theyre susceptible to injury.

Sun: Fully functional scorpion tail (proportionate to their body), can quickly see in the dark, extremely quiet walkers who can slip up on anybody.

** Aries **.

Moon: Super strength, stone manipulation, or can communicate with any mammal.

Moon: Super speed, can shapeshift into any human kind, or physical duplication.

** Cancer **.

** Taurus **.

Increasing: Sea green and lavender color scheme, eyes can be either color, hair can be any shade of purple or blue, physique differs but they have big shiny eyes.

Moon: Pyrokinesis, quick self healing element, or precognition.

Moon: Solar capabilities (produce and shoot solar beams and control heat; this can only be accessed throughout the day), laser eyes, or sonic boom holler (explosive, can physically press away anything in its close range).

** Pisces **.

** Gemini **.

Sun: Can switch from biped to mermaid and back (scale colors identified by rising), have a set of gills that closes on land, frequently have actually scales grown on roaming parts of their body that shows even on land.

Sun: Skin on the forearms and hands are metal silver or gold, have glowing eyes (color figured out by increasing), can always inform if youre lying.

Moon: Shadow adjustment, mediumship (consists of the dead and effective spirits), or selective mind reading (cant interact psychologically).

Sun: Are the most human looking of the indications but they constantly have at least one robotic body enhancement, can retain more info than the others.

** Libra **.

Increasing: Orange and brown color pattern, eyes can be either color, hair is red or filthy blond, short however typically high ones are much faster runners.

** Capricorn **.

Moon: Electric wind, technopathy, or control adjustment.

Rising: Black and red color pattern, eyes are either dark blue or brilliant red, hair can be any dark color, can quickly blend in with their surrounding.

What would you be?

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