You asked, and we delivered Your weekly Sunday Reading starts now If you resonated with your readi…

You asked, and we delivered! Your weekly Sunday Reading starts now! If you resonated with your reading, hit that like button and give us a comment! Don’t see your sign? There’s two posts! Check both!

#Aquarius- This is off to a good start, Monday specifically! During the middle of the week we will be faced with hard challenges, but don’t worry they are just growing pains! During the weekend dive into your inner nurture / male or female. Give yourself a mental rest and ask yourself what you need.

#Pisces- You may be asking why you feel like your life is in such shambles, this is the universe telling you to STEP BACK and re-evaluate how you are treating others.

#Aries- Your soul will be gleaming this week from last weeks accomplishments, you reap what you sow, at the end of the week, the person on your mind that has done you wrong will also reap what they have sown.
#Taurus This week, take care of yourself. Treat your inner child, be playful yet shy, and guard yourself from the monsters outside your door. Your emotions are running high. Take time to breathe in nature and you will be back on top.

#Gemini This week is your top week for personal growth! Drain your resources of their knowledge and learn as much as you can in your desired topic. This will exceed your career and personal well-being.
#Cancer Dont be a fool, they have used you once, they will use you twice. Re-evaluate who you are giving your time to, and most importantly your energy. Who is consuming you in a negative way. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

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