You survived the first solar and lunar eclipse of 2020Now what Well, first, its important to…

You made it through the first solar and lunar eclipse of 2020!
Now what? Well, first, its crucial to track the degree at which the eclipse occurred to make predictions about what is to come. We will be following transits over the eclipse points throughout AstrologyNow Podcast sections.
Second, developing self awareness is one of the most powerful things we can do to work with eclipse energy. Establishing awareness can come through therapy, therapy, yogi practices, meditation, and even journaling. Taking time to reflect and evaluate your thoughts/feelings/actions will forever be an effective practice to deal with any time of cosmic energy.
Its a quite extreme time globally. Now is the time to focus on what * we can * control. How can we use our own energy to be who we want to be?
Now is the time to concentrate on what we want to do and who we wish to be.

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