Your 12th house sign and how you act subconsciously

So I’m a Sagittarius rising but the 12th house is the house of the subconscious which our life is run majority by our subconscious, right? So do you feel like you may be playing out more of your 12th house sign more than you realize? Im 12th house Scorpio and actually very introverted, secretive about my personal life and do a lot of deep research into esoteric things lol but I find that I do outwardly approach life as a Sag to others, but when I’m alone the Scorpio qualities are more conscious to me and definitely seen more. It made me curious because of how much our subconscious mind is more controlling of our day to day and 12th house is our subconscious self, we may be playing out that side to people while being unaware of it.. Or is it more so something people subtly pick up on if at all?

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